Tentsile T-Mini Two-Person Hammock Gives Its Occupants Separate Spaces


Most hammocks that accommodate more than one person do it by cramming you together in a single large pocket. While there’s nothing wrong with that, wouldn’t you rather have your own space, instead of being forced to snuggle with your sweaty and smelly camping buddy? That’s what the T-Mini Double Hammock does.

Made by Tentsile, it’s a hammock based on the outfit’s triple-anchor camping hammocks, utilizing the same shape and design to maximize surface area. More importantly, this results in two separate areas, so two people can chill out in a single hammock while enjoying their own personal space.


Like their camping hammocks, the Tentsile T-Mini requires three anchor points, so you simply find a trio of trees (or stable posts) to tie it down to and you’re good (setup takes around five minutes). Designed for portability, it packs down to a size measuring 10 x 5 inches (length x diameter), all while coming with just one ratchet to save weight.  Once set up, however, it expands to offer a surface area of 40 square feet, providing a suitable space for accommodating two adults (or a solo camper with all of your gear, so you can keep them off the ground).


Construction is 40D polyester that’s reinforced with 39 feet of 25mm webbing, along with durable polyester webbing straps for securing onto trees. It can support up to 485 pounds of weight.

Available now, the Tentsile T-Mini Double Hammock is priced at $150.

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