Tentsile Tent Hangs Like A Hammock, Protects From Zombies

Why camp in a regular tent when you can make your temporary shelter in a giant hammock?  We guess that’s the perfect rationale behind the Tentsile, a tent designed to dangle in the air like a hanging bed of canvas.  Except with more floor space. Or hold on, maybe its to protect you from walkers when the apocalypse arrives! Just make sure its high enough so they can’t bite your behind while you are sound sleep.

Combining the wondrously suspended nature of hammocks with the usable space of a tent, the structure gives campers more versatility in their off-path shelter options.  No longer do you have to be limited by ground conditions in your choice of camping sites — as long as there are trees nearby to tie this thing around, you can set up there.

Like hammocks, the Tentsile is tied to a pair of trees (or other stable structure), so you’ll need to find a couple chunky trunks to hang it from.  It can be hung as low as a couple feet away from the ground or way up in Tarzan territory for the more adventurous.  A rope ladder is included for entry and exit while suspended.

Three sizes of the tent have been made, each one able to hold 5, 8 and 12 occupants, respectively.  Yep, that many people in a hanging tent.  The actual interior takes the form of an inverted pyramid, which supposedly creates a stable ground surface for occupants to walk on.  Granted, it doesn’t look all that comfortable inside, but anyone who chills in a hammock tent while everybody else slums it right next to the soil is definitely a bonafide rockstar of the jungle.

As of now, we’re not sure about availability, as Tentsile hasn’t published pricing or release details on their website.  You can check them out and inquire if interested.