Tequila Barrel Ice Chest: We’ve Found The Hidden Pirate Treasure And It’s Full Of Beer

Any time you’re at a house party, the liquor cabinet is always the hidden pirate treasure everyone’s looking to loot. Now, you can make the liquor stash look like a real hidden pirate treasure, too, with the Tequila Barrel Ice Chest.

Made from a real reclaimed tequila barrel, the darn thing looks like a wooden trunk where pirates hide their gold before burying it at a secluded location in a deserted island that they have to draw a map of in order to remember. Seriously, this looks straight out of a Johnny Depp pirate movie, making for an awesome piece to make your mancave look even more swashbuckling.

Since it’s meant to submerge drinks in a pool of ice, we’re assuming the Tequila Barrel Ice Chest is properly insulated. We can’t actually tell because the whole ensemble really looks like it was salvaged from a pirate ship that sank back in 1782. Or whenever in history they had pirates that wore eyepatches and kept parrots on their shoulders named Polly who always wanted a cracker. Each one is handcrafted into the final storage trunk form, complete with vintage-looking metal hardware that genuinely reinforces the whole pirate aesthetic. Since they’re built by hand, no two are exactly alike, so it’s a pretty special piece to show off to all your nerdy pals who share your love of both pirates and keeping cold beer within the immediate vicinity. Dimensions are 28 x 34.75 x 22 inches (h x w x d).

The Tequila Barrel Ice Chest is available from Wine Enthusiast, priced at $595.

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