Terminate Your Old Hard Drives With MAXXeGUARD


Your paper shredder erases all proof of your activities on paper.  Same with your hard drive.  What?

If you feel that low-level software wipes and disk mangling aren’t enough to protect your best-kept secrets from finding their way out of your old hard drives, the MAXXeGUARD probably will.  The refrigerator-sized contraption takes your throwaway drives and shreds them into small slices of metal, ensuring once and for all that no data can ever be recovered from them again.

Simply pop the storage panel into the slot, press a button and let the MAXXeGUARD do its job, using specially-prepared knives that apply 19.8 tons of pressure to the drive to slice it into 1mm shards.  It’s not restricted to hard drives, too.  In fact, you can use the device to completely destroy CDs, DVDs, flash drives and handheld gadgets, such as phones and PDAs.


Creators CMGG are billing it a “mobile” and low-noise shredder.  While I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt with the relative quiet of the machine, the mobile part feels like a bad joke.  With  1.6 x 0.65 x 1.4 meter dimensions and a 540 kg weight, it’s the most ridiculous “mobile” contraption we’ve seen – even if it does have four wheels to roll on.

Both the box and the shredding units are made of stainless steel, with operations facilitated via a touchscreen display on the side.  Due to the strain of slicing, the knives will need to be reconfigured after every 30 sessions.  Otherwise, they’ll just dull out and become difficult to use.

Pricing for the MAXXeGUARD is not available from the website, although it’s fair to imagine it will be somewhat expensive.  Most likely, it will cost around the same as importing a pair of metal-slicing ninjas for a weekend of shredding, so it sounds like a good investment for a hard disk destroyer that you can use forever.