Tern GSD E-Bike Combines A Compact Size With A Cargo-Hauling Design


It’s not the prettiest-looking e-bike around. As far as being one of the most efficient at transporting cargo, however, it’s tough to make an argument against the Tern GSD.

Styled with a seat post that’s a little closer to the handlebars than most standard bicycles, the two-wheeler is able to make more room in the back. That allows it to have a long rear rack that can fit up to two child-sized seats, all while measuring no longer than most common commuter e-bikes at 71 inches. Seriously, this thing is short enough to fit inside the small elevators you find in most apartment buildings, making it quite possibly the only cargo bike we’ve seen with such a compact profile.


The Tern GSD’s rear rack can be fitted with either panniers, a seat pad (for taking an adult passenger), or two child-sized seats, allowing you to equip it with whatever you need for the day’s errands. You can also use it to strap down a large box or heavy bag, with the bike able to support payloads of up to 400 pounds. Need more storage room? There’s also an optional basket that can mount on the front frame just above the fork, so there’s absolutely no shortage of room to carry all your gear.

As for riding geometry, the bike puts the rider in a comfortable upright position, while swept-back handlebars and ergonomic grips take stress off your neck, shoulders, and wrists. A long wheelbase, small wheels, and a low frame enable balanced handling and a low center of gravity, ensuring you can ride it confidently no matter how much cargo you’re carrying. To provide sure-footed stability, the bike uses custom-designed 65mm Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, which the outfit claims is designed to resist flats while riding seamlessly over the nastiest roads.


Propulsion is provided by a Bosch motor and battery system, so you get a proven and reliable system to keep your Tern GSD chugging on the road. It’s also fitted with Bosch’s Dual-Battery tech, allowing you to hook up a pair of batteries on the bike, giving it a range of over 150 miles. Unless you ride for hours on end every day, chances are, a single full charge will be enough to keep it humming for several days at a time. The motor is available in 400-watt and 900-watt versions.


While it doesn’t fold into a compact file like many modern bicycles, the Tern GSD does have folding handlebars that enable to pack it down into a narrower profile, making it possible to fit it in the back of most SUVs. The bike’s rear rack is designed such that it allows the bike to stand upright on its rear, ensuring it takes up minimal floor space when stashed away in your apartment. Other features include Magura four-piston disc brakes, Boost thru-axle hubs, adjustable seat post and handlebars (so it can accommodate riders of all heights), and four color options.

Slated to come out early 2018, the Tern GSD is priced starting at $4,000.

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