Terra Lets You “Sculpt” Armchairs And Sofas Right In Your Backyard’s Landscape


Every backyard can always use a couple of outdoor chairs and loungers, so you can chill out under the clouds any time the sky is clear. The Terra Grass Chairs, however, aren’t your typical outdoor furniture, as the darn things are essentially landscaped right into the ground, almost like a chair popped out along with the grass that’s growing in the yard.

Yes, anyone can pile dirt in a chair-like shape and grow grass on it. If you’ve ever tried that, though, then you’ve probably realized it requires a whole lot more skill (and planning) than you originally imagined. Well, this thing makes building them a whole lot simpler.


Terra consists of flat-packed, laser-cut cardboard that, once expanded, form the base for the resulting grass chairs. To use, simply place the cardboard on the area of the ground you want the “furniture” on, pile rocks (or bricks or expanded clay) on the first two-thirds of the cardboard, top it up with dirt, and plant your seeds once everything is covered up. From there, you just wait for the grass to grow and enjoy your brand new organic garden chair.


There are three basic cardboard kits in the lineup: the armchair, the sofa, and the “upgrade,” which you can use to expand either of the previous two into wider seating furniture. And, yes, you can combine multiple units (like five sofas) to gigantic sculptural landscapes entire parties can sit on. They also have various 1:5-scale units available, for those who simply want to decorate their lawns and gardens without building functional furniture.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Terra. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €250.

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