This Table Lamp Doubles As A Terrarium/Display Case

Table lamps are plenty useful for illumination.  They’re hardly the most efficient use of space, though, with many portable lamps such as the LuminAID and the Coleman QuadLantern able to provide the same function sans the larger, more stylish form.  This combo Terrarium/Display Table Lamp offers slightly more use while retaining an attractive decorative design.

Made by SHare Studios, it’s a cylindrical lamp with a clear glass base that you can use either as a terrarium for your tiny lizard pets or a display case for your prized action figures.  Of course, you can always put a tiny lamp inside, too.  We’re pretty sure that’s overkill, but it sure sounds darn funny.

The Terrarium/Display Table Lamp measures 10 inches in diameter and 21 inches tall, with the shade taking up about two-thirds of the length.  It uses a tubular 40-watt bulb for lighting, handmade kozo paper as the shade, and a cloth-covered cord measuring 6 feet long for plugging it to a wall outlet.  The actual frame is built from cold rolled steel and are handmade to order.

When turned on, the lamp adds light not just to the handmade paper covering it, but also the glass case, so you can get a better look at whatever alien lifeforms you have living in there.  We’re not sure what kinds of actual tiny plants or animals you can keep in this thing, but we’ll leave figuring that out up to you.

Want one?  The Terrarium/Display Table Lamp is available from Etsy, priced at $210.

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