Look Lock Distracts Kids So They Don’t Look Distracted In Photos

Children make perfect photograph subjects.  Until they get distracted and fix their attention on everything else except the camera, that is.  Getting them to look at your lens is usually an exercise in frustration that require equal parts luck and finesse.  The Look Lock claims to solve this problem by serving as an on-camera distraction.

Made by Tether Tools, the accessory is actually a smartphone mount designed to hold up the screen in front of the camera.  That way, you can show cartoons, videos and other materials to keep their attention and have them look straight into your photos.

The Look Lock is made from lightweight aluminum and comes in two models: one with a 7-inch articulating arm and another with an 11-inch arm for use with longer lenses.  Both models can attach to a hot shoe or extension rail, with an integrated locking mechanism that keeps the arm steady even when you move around.  The spring-loaded universal smartphone mount at the end can hold phones up to 3 inches wide (Galaxy S III is fine, Galaxy Note 2 not so much).

No more pleading, making funny noises or any of the old tricks that used to be necessary to get kids staring fixed onto the lens — just put on their favorite distraction and you’ll get your perfect shot.  Even better, this should work with drunk adults acting like children, as well.  Just put on a Kate Upton bikini video and you should be able to command their undivided attention.

Want one?  The Look Lock is available now, priced at $74.95 for the 7-inch version and $79.95 for the 11-incher.

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