TetonX Jake Trailer Is Light Enough To Be Towed By Any UTV


There are plenty of compact trailers that are light enough to be towed by the smallest cars. The TetonX Jake, though, takes compact to a different level by coming in a profile that’s small and light enough to be towed by any UTV.

Weighing just 700 pounds, you can use your favorite side-by-side to tow this trailer into your campsite, so you can leave that wide and burly truck in the basecamp when it’s time to explore the trails. This way, you can have a generous amount of creature comforts in tow, all while operating a smaller and much more maneuverable vehicle, whether it be a farm-workhorse side-by-side or a full-on racing UTV, that will let you go deeper into the backcountry.


The TetonX Jake measures just 86 x 48 x 46 inches (length x width x height), with an interior that’s spacious enough to fit a single sleeper comfortably (and, quite possibly, two people uncomfortably). And, yes, it is comfortable inside, with finished wall panels, carpeted ceilings, and overhead lights, complete with a NOCO Shore Plug for hooking up to a small generator and a GFCI outlet to power whatever electrical appliances you want to use in the trail. Because of the size, the base model doesn’t come with a kitchen, although they offer an optional outdoor cooking setup that equips it with a cook stove and work top for meal preparation.

A built in Vortex roof rack with 48-inch load bars allow you to install compatible Rhino-Rack awnings, so you can get proper protection from sun and rain without having to be cooped up inside the cramped trailer. Need storage space? Inside the trailer sits front-facing deep storage cabinets for organizing your gear, although there’s really not much else unless you’re willing to sacrifice your sleeping area to ferry extra cargo.


The TetonX Jake has a chassis made from powder-coated steel tube, so it should support any weight you dump inside, with a fully-independent axle-free trailing-arm suspension allowing it to run through any terrain as capably as the UTV towing it. A pair of 14-inch aluminum alloy wheels and 27-inch UTV tires provide the grip it needs to remain stable on any surface, while electric drum brakes provide the necessary stopping power. Simply put, this is a competent off-road performer that will serve you well, no matter how deep you go in the wild.

A spacious door on the side measures 26 x 36 inches (width x height), letting you have an easy time walking in and out of the trailer, with a built-in window and screen for those times you just want to let air circulate. Opposite the door sits another window with screen for ample ventilation when you’re sleeping inside, along with a roof vent that you should be able to reach with your feet when you’re lying down on the floor (seriously, the trailer’s that small).

Pricing for the base model TetonX Jake starts at $5,995, with plenty of options to add extra amenities (not to mention expense) to your setup.

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