Turn Your House Into A Giant Puzzle Game With These Tetris 3D Cushions


You love Tetris. So much so that you don’t just have multiple versions of the game on every platform imaginable, you also have tetromino-shaped furniture, lamps, and even snacks. And we both know you’re never going to stop, so you might as well trash your existing throw pillows and replace them with these Tetris 3D Cushions instead.

An officially-licensed Tetris product, it’s a set of throw and body pillows clad in the unmistakable shape of different Tetris puzzle pieces. Whether for lounging around while cuddling pieces from one of the greatest puzzle games of all time, playing real-life Tetris, or building forts using tetromino-shaped brick pieces, these pillows should be the perfect plush bag for the job.


The Tetris 3D Cushions set consists of five shapes, which correspond to the letters I, L, O, S, and T, respectively. Yes, they, literally, picked a set that spells “I LOST” just for a little irony, because you totally win joy and happiness when you bring these things into your home. Plus, Tetris is one of those things that’s both universally known and loved, so everyone who visits your home can appreciate your decorating tastes, unlike that time you bought throw pillows themed after your favorite RPG that everybody just plain ignored (I know, that would have broken my heart, too).


Available from Thinkgeek, the Tetris 3D Cushions are priced at $99.99 for a set of five.

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