Tetris Waffle Maker Turns Your Batter Into Bite-Sized, Crispy Tetromino Cakes

You love waffles. Whether you cover them in butter, fill them with syrup, or stack them into a fancy tower, the result is deeply satisfying. You love them so much, in fact, you wish you can eat those crispy batter cakes all day. Problem is, waffle is not the most convenient finger food, so eating them while you walk to the parking lot or take the morning train isn’t easy. The Tetris Waffle Maker changes that.

Designed to churn out waffles in those all-too-familiar tetromino shapes, it turns the erstwhile slab of batter cake into bite-sized food pieces that you can put in a bag for eating on the go. No longer will you have to forego a waffle breakfast because you don’t have time to sit down at the breakfast table with a knife and fork – this thing lets you eat your crispy cakes like a bag of chips.

The Tetris Waffle Maker looks like any regular waffle iron, with top and bottom plates arranged in a clamshell layout. It works just like any waffle iron, too, so you just lift the top plate, pour down the batter, and close it down to let the darn things cook. Instead of perfectly even grids on the heating plates, though, they laid it out so that it forms a more uneven-looking cake that can snap off into individual tetromino pieces.

How many Tetris pieces do you get? From what we can see in the picture, you get seven actual tetromino shapes and two single-block shapes, so they weren’t able to perfectly divide the waffle area into proper Tetris pieces. Since you’re not actually going to play Tetris with this thing, we doubt that’s an issue. In fact, we’d probably like to have a waffle maker that makes nothing but those tiny waffle cubes, since that makes eating waffle as convenient as munching on a tub of popcorn.

The Tetris Waffle Maker measures 9.8 x 7 x 4.7 inches (depth x width x thickness), so while it is pretty small, it will take up precious counter space. If you already have a waffle iron, it’s going to be difficult to justify bringing in another one just for making bite-sized waffles. However, if you love the idea of being able to put tiny pieces of crispy waffles in a bag and popping them in your mouth as you go about your today, it might be worth making room in the counter.

As with any waffle iron you can get today, it’s nonstick and wipes down for cleaning, making it a convenient appliance to keep in the kitchen. According to the outfit, it’s officially licensed, too so we’re actually wondering why they didn’t add a Tetris game on the darn thing. We mean… what better way to spend those few minutes waiting for the waffle to cook than a game of Tetris right on the kitchen counter? You know, they could have put it on the lid with buttons on the handle. We’d definitely play that.

The Tetris Waffle Maker is available now, priced at $41.

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