Text Talk Vinyl Shower Curtain Brings Emoticons To Your Bathroom


Have someone special in your life that needs to brush up on IM skills?  Give them the gift of learning with the Text Talk Vinyl Shower Curtain, an eye-catching sheet of drapery filled with all the emoticons they’ll ever need to learn – okay, maybe most of it.

If your parents, grandparents or ex-Luddite boyfriend are too out of touch to even understand half of all the SMS you send them, you’re going to love this thing.  Hang one in their bathroom and let it get them up to speed, all without distracting from their regular routines.  Pretty much every emoticon currently in fashion is clad on the Text Talk, including many I’ve never even used, so I’m sure this will be useful even to those moderately schooled in text-speak.

Made from 100% polyethylene vinyl acetate, the white curtain is dotted with easily-readable emoticons drawn in a variety of colors.  Struggling on what emoticon to add while you’re sitting in the slammer and texting?  Just look up and choose from the dozens upon dozens available.

Those who aren’t big fans of emoticons (read: me) should probably get one just for the sake of being ready.  After all, you never know when the opportunity of a lifetime will be sent on a message filled with characters pretending to be expression-filled faces.  The Text Talk Vinyl Shower Curtain is available now for $15.

[Bed, Bath & Beyond ]