Textographer Turns Your Photos Into Posters Made From Words

Want to turn an old family portrait into a unique poster print with a hidden message?  Try Textographer, which combines the photograph with words you select to create an entirely unique portrait.

From afar, it looks like a beautifully elaborate poster print, with plenty of grainy details and shading.  Stick your nose closer, though, and you’ll notice that it’s actually drawn using the words of whatever text you chose, allowing you to hide a message within the image.  Sure, it won’t be that big of a secret message (anyone with good vision who looks closely will immediately notice), but it does make for a unique poster display.

Textographer’s system requires you to upload both the photo and the desired text.  While you can upload practically any text (you can have use the lyrics of your favorite song, catchy quips from your Twitter feed or “I’m gay” if you finally want to come out, for instance),  there are some limits to the images.  For best results, they recommend photos to be at least 1MB in size, scanned at 300dpi (if you’re digitizing old pictures) and with as full a frame as possible (i.e. close-up shots are better than ones with plenty of background).  Format should be either JPEG, TIFF or PNG.

Because all designs are highly personalized, they make for an excellent gift for friends and loved ones.  You can order just the image (you’re sent a digital file) or have it rendered as a blown-up frameable poster print too.

Base price for Textographer’s service is $39.95.  Prints start at $59.95 for the smallest (16 x 20 inches), with the largest option (24 x 36 inches) going for $89.95.