The Beardcap Insulates Your Head And Neck, Makes You Look Like A Viking

A knitted cap is nice.  One done up in a balaclava style that makes you look like Santa Claus is even better.  That’s exactly what the Beardcap is.

Based on traditional Icelandic caps called lambshed-hoods, the winter-perfect accessory covers both head and neck, leaving just enough opening to expose your eyes and nose.  The lower part has been intentionally designed to look like a thick beard and moustache combo, making you look like a generously-bearded man from an isolated hick town with Viking lineage running down your veins.

The Beardcap is made from 100% Icelandic wool and comes in five different colors.  You can choose from two designs — gentleman (a regular beard) and farmer (extra long beard).  The first one should be enough to make you bear a slight resemblance to Chuck Norris (or Youtube backyard brawler Kimbo Slice); the latter easily fits you into ZZ Top category.

We don’t know how well they can help insulate your head and neck.  And, honestly, we don’t care.  The damn thing will make you look like a crazy bearded fellow, making it awesome to wear even under the scorching hot summer sun.

The only caveat is the fact that there’s only one size.  Given that you’ll probably want a Beardcap for the novelty than for the function, we doubt that’s an issue.  It’s available now, with prices starting at $89.

[thanks Birkiland]