The Best AirTag Wallets to Keep Tabs on Your Daily Essentials

The Apple AirTag changed the game when it comes to finding lost stuff. Sure, it doesn’t have GPS, so you won’t find your missing suitcase if the plane dropped it in the middle of an empty desert, but you also don’t have the battery limitations and the monthly subscription that GPS trackers typically require. Instead, Apple’s Bluetooth tracker leverages the millions upon millions of Apple devices in the wild, using them to detect each tracker’s position, so long as they are within 30 feet of any iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch in the vicinity. This makes it incredibly effective at locating lost objects in populated areas, given the immense popularity and adoption of Apple’s products.

Wallets are, of course, among the most popular items to protect with an AirTag, along with travel luggage and pricier items that you frequently bring during trips. We frequently misplace, forget, or otherwise lose our wallets in one way or another, after all, which makes a Bluetooth tracker such an important tool for finding it whenever that happens.

Because of this, there are now AirTag wallets specifically made to accommodate Apple’s Bluetooth trackers, making it easier to integrate there, along with your cash and cards. No need to figure out how to comfortably fit a Bluetooth tracker, as these things make sure there’s a designated spot where your tracking can sit safe and snug the whole time.

These are the best AirTag wallet solutions to help you keep track of your everyday essentials.

Elevation Lab TagVault


  • Works with existing wallets
  • Slides out of sight


  • Might not work on wallets made of metal

If you have a wallet you already like, but want to protect it with a Bluetooth tracker, this insert allows you to do that without having to squeeze an awkwardly-shaped AirTag into one of its pockets. This affordable ultra-thin accessory is the same width as a standard credit card and takes an AirTag in its center compartment, allowing it to naturally slide into one of your card slots. Do note, this is around half the height of a credit card, so that it slides out of plain sight. It’s flexible, too, just in case you need to twist or fold it for whatever reason.

TagVault™ AirTag Wallet Holder - The Thinnest...
  • The best way to keep AirTag in your wallet.

Spigen Air Fit


  • Works with existing wallets
  • Looks like a standard credit card


  • Might not work on wallets made of metal

Similar to the TagVault above, this card insert takes an AirTag in the middle for easy placement into your wallet’s card slot. Unlike the TagVault, though, this isn’t flexible and it takes the same proportions as a credit card, making it easy to slip in and take out of your wallet. Yes, you might occasionally mistake it for a plastic credit card or ID, but we don’t really see any issues with that. It comes with a hole in the corner and a carabiner, by the way, in case you want to clip it to something else, instead of using it in your wallet.

Spigen Air Fit Designed for Apple AirTag Wallet...
  • Designed to slide seamlessly in any pocket storage and suitable for card wallets or handbags

WXM Wallet with AirTag Holder


  • Aluminum frame and carbon fiber panels make this very durable
  • Holds lots of cards
  • Secure AirTag Slot


  • AirTag case protrudes outside the wallet, which can feel awkward

If you like wallets with a dose of tactical aesthetics, you’ll probably appreciate the styling of this AirTag wallet, whose exterior is made from a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber. Yes, those are some hardwearing materials, ensuring you can drop your wallet without damaging any of the cards inside. It has an open main compartment that can accommodate up to 15 cards, with a large notch on one side allowing you to easily find and retrieve any one of them, as well as clip outside for holding cash. The AirTag is stored in a secure plastic case on the exterior, which snaps securely onto one side of the wallet. It’s also easy to take off, in case the time comes to make a battery replacement.

WXM Wallet for Men with AirTag Holder Credit slim...
  • [Airtag Wallet]: This Mens Wallet is designed to accommodate an Airtag, allowing you to locate it...

Typecase Slim AirTag Wallet


  • Traditional billfold design holds plenty of cash and cards alike
  • Has an ID window
  • Offers two different slots for AirTags


  • Bulky, just like traditional wallets

This AirTag Wallet takes on a traditional billfold design, complete with all the standard billfold elements, including a large bill pocket, multiple card slots, and even an ID window. What makes it unique, of course, is the additiom of two small slots sized to hold an AirTag. One slot lets you store the AirTag where it’s visible from the outside and another keeps it inside for more discreet storage, so you can choose how you want to about integrating an AirTag into your wallet. Both options keep the AirTag inside the wallet, by the way, so it won’t be sticking outside the wallet and adding unnecessary bulk. It can fit eight cards comfortably (16 if you double up on each card slot), as well as dozens of bills with no trouble, while an RFID blocking layer ensures data thieves won’t be able to steal your card data over-the-air.

typecase Mens Leather Wallet with AirTag Holder:...
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Travando AirTag Wallet


  • Slimmer than your typical billfold
  • Has an ID window
  • Textured surface stays put when set down


  • Bigger than most card-focused wallets
  • Metal money clip can’t be removed if you don’t need it

A billfold without the traditional bills pocket, this AirTag Wallet instead comes with plenty of card slots, allowing you to carry up to 11 cards at a time. It also has an ID window for those who like a transparent slot for their ID cards, as well as a money clip inside if you want to carry bills. We don’t like that the money can’t be removed, since we know a lot of folks who don’t bother carrying cash. The clip is also pretty stuff, by the way, so if you can carry a bunch of cash, it can make taking stuff out of the card slots a bit tougher. The AirTag pocket is situated on an exterior card slot, so it’s easy to put in and take out when needed. It has RFID blocking, too, so you don’t have to worry about your card information getting swiped.

TRAVANDO AirTag* Wallet Mens Wallet with Money...
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Corkor AirTag Card Holder


  • Made with vegan-friendly cork leather
  • Has an ID window
  • Ultra-slim design


  • Minimalist design limits the amount of cards you can take

This minimalist AirTag wallet only has three card slots and one ID window, making it ideal for folks who prefer keeping their pockets light throughout the day. We really love how well the AirTag is integrated here, slotting in its spot on the front card slot pretty flush, so it doesn’t bulge out uncomfortably, There’s a bottom knot on the front card slot for easily pushing the card out, while the ID window has enough room to accommodate both an ID card and a few folded bills. It’s handcrafted from durable cork leather, by the way, so it’s got that unusual porous texture that gives it such a unique look, along with an RFID-blocking layer to help keep your card data safe.

Corkor Wallet Cards Holder RFID Safe Vegan Leather...
  • Vegan Cardholder: Keep your cards organized with Corkor’s handcrafted Slim Front Pocket Cork...

Titan X AirTag Trifold Wallet


  • Full grain leather construction
  • Handy eject button instantly pushes up all the cards
  • Roomy cash compartment


  • External AirTag holder adds awkward bulk
  • Eject button occasionally fails, so it might not be reliable long term

You would think a trifold wallet will be unconscionably bulky, but this RFID-blocking trifold AirTag wallet is slimmer than we anticipated, despite the three-fold structure and external AirTag holder. The main compartment holds six cards and comes with a handy button on the side that automatically slides all six cards up, making it easy to grab any card without having to fish them out of a tight pocket. It has two other card slots, sized to hold a pair of cards each, as well as a cash compartment designed to hold folded bills.

TITAN X Airtag Trifold Edition Wallet | Minimalist...
  • STORAGE FOR AIRTAG: The Airtag Trifold Edition Edition offers reliable and secure storage for your...

Ekster Parliament AirTag Wallet


  • High-quality leather build
  • Handy eject button instantly pushes up all the cards
  • Holds bills securely


  • Pricier than most
  • No ID window even though it has room for it

This wallet consists of a hard shell case designed to hold six cards that’s attached to a leather case with another pocket that can hold even more cards or cash. What makes this special, though, is the hard case section comes with an eject button that automatically pushes up all the cards it contains, so you can easily access any card in the stash with a single press. It has a protruding AirTag slot in the back, so it can definitely be uncomfortable if you slip it in your pocket the wrong way, although it does keep the tracker secure, so there are no worries about having it accidentally come off. We also liek the integrated strap across the hard case section, which makes for a handy place to secure up to five folded bills.

Ekster Parliament AirTag Wallet | Smart Wallets...
  • The Next Generation Wallet: This minimalist slide wallet with airtag holder gives you easier access...

Ridge Wallet with AirTag Cash Strap


  • Modular design lets you add what you need
  • Holds up to 12 cards
  • Handy notch makes it easy to push cards out of the wallet


  • Expensive
  • Can get bulky with a full dozen cards

The Ridge Wallet is, pretty much, a staple in every rundown of popular wallets. Plenty of folks like its combination of minimalist design, durable aluminum shell, RFID blocking, and lifetime warranty. We do, too, which is why we’re including it in our list of the best AirTag Wallets. To make it compatible with the AirTag, though, you need to combine the wallet with either the AirTag Cash Strap or AirTag Money Clip. In our case, we went with the former, which basically adds a strap outside the wallet with a slot for the AirTag. The strap, by the way, can be used to secure folded bills, making it easy to bring some cash along when you need it. We love the modular design, by the way, since you can ditch the strap if you don’t want a tracker or cash for a more minimalist setup.

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