The Best Barbie Merch To Take Home A Piece Of Barbie Land With You

Everyone needs more pink stuff. Well… maybe not, but with the immense success of Barbie’s foray in the box office, there’s no escaping all the candy-colored Barbie merch that’s turning up all over the place. From clothes and cosmetics to accessories and gadgets, there’s not going to be a shortage of product releases that look like they came straight out of Barbie Land any time soon. And we haven’t even talked about all the Barbie toys Mattel is dumping on the shelves.

While we leave most of the toys alone for the purposes of this list, we did find a number of Barbie merch collabs that we think should be just as big of a hit as the movie that inspired them. If you enjoyed the film and want to extend that delightful feeling it inspired, we think grabbing a few of these is an easy way to keep Barbie Land alive in your heart and mind for the foreseeable future.

These are the best Barbie merch to bring just a little more candy-pink goodness into your life.

UNO Barbie the Movie Card Game

We’re big fans of special editions of classic card games, so it’s only right we give props to this Barbie version of UNO. Unlike some special editions, the gameplay is standard for this deck, so you’re really only getting it for the Barbie aesthetic on the cards, each of which feature images of characters directly from the movie and a smattering of candy-like colors. They did throw in a special “Played with too much” rule (because Barbie got played with too much, which is why she went to the “real world” in the first place) that forces players to discard and draw cards just to put a little twist in there.

Mattel Games UNO Barbie The Movie Card Game for...
  • The UNO game players know and love features graphics inspired by characters from Barbie The Movie.

Dragon Glassware x Barbie Martini Glasses

We’ll admit it… Barbie Land looks awesome. However, we have a feeling it will be even more so if you had a little alcohol in your system to balance the painstakingly cute sensations a bit. Well, time to pull out the shaker and mix yourself a delicious cocktail treat, which you can pour in these tall Barbie-branded martini glasses that come in Barbie’s signature hot pink color. It comes in packs of two, with one getting a more intense pink hue than the other, so you can go light on the Barbie colors if the hot pink is a little too much.

Dragon Glassware x Barbie Martini Glasses - 8 oz...
  • Officially Licensed: Bring Barbie home with the exciting new martini glass collection from Barbie...

Homesick Barbie Dreamhouse Candle

Make your room smell like Barbie’s dreamhouse with this candle, which brings top notes of sweet peony and rose bush, mid notes of lemon zest and pink jasmine, and base notes of sandalwood and plush velvet. Is that really what Barbie’s abode smells like? We don’t know, but we imagine it’s close enough that you’ll be dreaming of pastel colors and sweet candies the entire time the candle burns. The 13.75oz candle, by the way, is made from natural soy wax with a premium cotton wick and a burn time of up to 80 hours.

Buy Now – $44

Unique Vintage Barbie Black & White Chevron Stripe One-Piece Bathing Suit

Want to suit up like Barbie, but not excited at the prospects of dressing up in bright candy colors? Maybe grab this swimsuit replica of the classic 1959 Barbie striped bathing suit, which Margot Robbie was shown wearing in the early Barbie teasers. It’s a detailed recreation of the iconic swimsuit, reprising everything form the cheeky chevron strips and the sweetheart neckline to the removable straps. Just make sure to find yourself a pair of those black and white cat eye shades to match. It’s made from nylon and spandex, with a silicone gel top seam and a shelf bust.

Buy Now – $88

Kipling Barbie Yasemina XL

Does Barbie wear hip packs? We’re not sure, but if she did, we imagine it would totally look like this waist bag from Kipling. Because it’s a Barbie tie-in, the waist pack’s water-shrugging nylon shell gets decked in a lively pink color with matching pink zippers and pink zip pulls.  It comes with 4L volume capacity in the main compartment, so you can actually fit a couple of Barbie dolls in there, with a large zippered front pocket, an internal zippered pocket, and an adjustable waist strap with snap buckle closure.

Buy Now – $99

Funboy x Barbie the Movie Speed Boat Pool Float

If you’re going to be spending time around a pool this summer, why not do it on this painfully pink Barbie float, which is styled to look like a speed boat straight out Malibu Barbie’s accessory collection. The pool float is over nine feet long and wide enough to fit two adults in its bed, so your neighborhood version of Ken and Barbie can take time off to relax in a cozy pool for the day, with two cupholders, a cooler, and even a storage cubby out front. We have a feeling it will net quite a few gorgeous snaps for your Instagram feed, too.

Barbie The Movie & FUNBOY Speed Boat Inflatable...
  • Limited Edition OFFICIAL Barbie The Movie Pool Float. FUNBOY and Barbie are back to celebrate the...

Show Me Your Mumu Barbie Babe One Piece

This replica of Barbie’s hot pink swimsuit from the movie lets you bring the eponymous doll’s girlboss attitude to the beach. We love the simple yet classic design of this one-piece, which should keep you looking positively dreamy while partaking in everything the sun, surf, and sand has to offer. Designed to be equal parts cute and comfortable, the swimsuit gets a square neck, thick straps, and all the pink any woman’s significant other can possibly handle. It’s made from an 80-20 blend of nylon and spandex with polyester and spandex lining.

Buy Now – $118

Polaroid 600 Barbie Throwback Instant Film Camera

Retrospekt has two Barbie Polaroid 600s in their lineup: a classic Malibu Barbie design with a 70s-inspired color palette and a new one in eye-blindingly bright pink, green, and blue colors. The latter probably best encapsulates the modern Barbie aesthetic, with its rectangular patches of bright colors and flowery graphic print. This is a real Polaroid, by the way, so it requires Polaroid 600 instant film. And no, it’s not a modern take but the same old design, so you get the same 110mm lens, automatic exposure control, and electronic shutter. The camera, by the way, dips in and out of stock, so if it’s sold out, just come back after a bit to get one, since they regularly replenish.

Buy Now – $118

Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate Barbie Bright Yellow

The way we look at it, Barbie is as good a reason as any to start inline skating. And we have a feeling some people did as soon as that teaser trailer with Ken rocking a pair of yellow roller skates came out. We mean… you can go around town just gliding on wheels while your foot area glimmers in a blinding bright yellow hue. Seriously, this will get more attention than whatever new sneaker drop you’re planning to get next month. They pair the yellow outer boot and frame with Barbie-pink wheels, laces, liner, and strap for an absolute highlighter color scheme, as well as 70mm 84A durometer wheels, Abec-7 bearings, and optional heel brakes.

Buy Now – $263.63