The Best Camping Hammocks To Make Any Campsite More Fun And Relaxing

While a camping hammock is far from a requirement in anyone’s backpacking stash, having one out there in the backcountry sure is fun. There are few ways to enjoy nature that are as blissfully relaxing as doing it while swinging on a hanging bed that keeps you suspended between a pair of trees. Throw in the fact that they’re quite easy to set up and putting one in your camp site just feels like an absolute no-brainer.

As such, it’s no surprise that hammocks have become one of the most popular accessories for camping and backpacking. From developed grounds and off-trail spots to sandy beaches and everything in between, there’s a good chance you’ll find people enjoying the day while swaying gently in one of these things.

Due to this popularity, camping hammocks have also undergone a lot of changes through the years. They’re now lighter, more packable, and even feature-packed, making them a substantial upgrade over the simple cloth-and-rope hammocks of the past. Nowadays, you can get hammocks that fit two and three people. There are hammocks with integrated shades, rainfly, and even full-on tent walls, making them a veritable standalone shelter. Some modern hammocks come with integrated bug nets, pillows, and storage implements, although the more extras they pack, the heavier they usually get, so they may not be all that ideal for backpacking adventures where you want to keep everything as light as possible.

These are the best camping hammocks to elevate your camp site’s relaxation options.

Grand Trunk Ultralight

Just want to sway between trees and don’t need any of the added fuzz available in more expensive camping hammocks? Pick up this lightweight “starter hammock,” which gives you a hanging bed measuring 9.5 x 4.5 feet (length x width), which boasts ripstop polyester construction with triple-lock stitched seams, so it should be hardwearing enough to handle the rigors of the wild. Just make sure to keep it to one adult occupant, since it’s only rated to handle 300 pounds at most. It packs down pretty small into its own pouch, too, so it’s incredibly easy to bring along even when you’re going on foot. Do note, it doesn’t come with straps, although they do throw in a pair of carabiners.

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Klymit Traverse

This camping hammock weighs just 1.8 pounds and collapses down into a pouch measuring 8 x 4.5 inches (length x diameter), allowing you to bring a proper hammock to camp while adding little heft to your pack. They also include a pair of 10-foot straps with 18 daisy chains each and a pair of aluminum carabiners, so you’ve got everything you need stashed in that compact pouch. While it looks like every standard diagonal hammock, it’s actually constructed differently, being made from just a single panel instead of stitching three separate ones, eliminating the connecting seams that could be potential areas for tearing. Even better, that single panel construction gives you a flatter plane to lie down on, which leads to a more comfortable position on the hammock. We also love the 75D polyester construction, which just feels better on the skin than most hammock materials. If there’s any knock on this hammock, it’s the shorter 9-foot length, which can make it tough for taller individuals, although it does handle 400 pounds, so even heavier folks can slip in for a swing.

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ENO DoubleNest

Measuring 9.5 x 6.3 feet, this camping hammock has an extra-wide bed surface that offers a lot of room for one person and just enough for a couple, although two occupants definitely work best if you scoot in diagonally to eliminate any tightness around the lower extremities. At any rate, it’s a great hammock for lounging around with a companion. Of course, that extra material leaves it a tad bulky when packed in the included pouch, so there is some tradeoff for the extra room. It has a conventional three-piece construction and supports up to 400 pounds, although it doesn’t come with its own straps, so you’ll have to buy those separately (ENO, of course, sells a variety of them). A pair of hammock-specific carabiners are included.

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  • Hiking Gear: This lightweight hammock weighs 19 Oz and won't take up too much space in a hiking pack

Hummingbird Single+ Hammock

This is a slightly bigger version of the outfit’s popular Single camping hammock, which weighs just over a third of a pound. With its added size, this one is also heavier at just under half a pound, which, in all honesty, is still incredibly light, especially for a hammock that gives you a suspended bed measuring 9.7 x 5.25 feet (length x diameter). It’s made from ripstop nylon with lock stitching, so you get parachute-grade construction that ensures a hardwearing build. Designed for single-person use, it can support weights of up to 350 pounds, allowing you to use it with a full overnight kit if you want to spend the night on its roomy sleeping surface. It comes with Spectra cord for use as tree straps, which is rated to handle up to 1,500 pounds.

ENO SkyLite Hammock

Flat hammocks are the best hammocks. At least, that’s how some people feel. If you share the same sentiments, you’ll love this camping hammock, which offers you a flat base for a really comfortable posture lying down whether on your back, your side, or your stomach. Yeah… it’s going to be easy to fall asleep on this thing. Because of the flat bed, the seven foot length is not an issue, as most anyone short of being an NBA center can comfortably lie down on this thing. It has an integrated bug net, too, so you can doze off uninterrupted by all sorts of creepy critters in the wild, which you sadly can’t remove, although there’s an option to pin the door open so you can get in and out freely. Features include a specialized ripstop fabric construction, an aluminum toggle system, internal pockets, and a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It packs longer than most hammocks, but still manages to keep things light at just two pounds.

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Lawson Blue Ridge

This camping hammock can be hung between trees much like any hanging bed, although its flat base also allows you to set it down on the ground like a bivy, allowing you to use it for shelter when there are no trees or boulders in sight. Like the SkyLite above, the lay-flat design makes it incredibly comfortable to sleep in, allowing you to get in the most comfortable positions, as if you were chilling in your bed at home. There’s a built-in bug net to keep the critters away and even an attachable rainfly that you can put on to keep out rain and chill, making it a full-fledged compact shelter that’s perfect for adventurers on the move. Features include a zippered entryway, exterior loops for staking on the ground, a pair of interior storage pockets, and even an O-ring in the ceiling for hanging a small lantern.

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Kammok Mantis

Want an all-in-one camping hammock without the lay-flat design? You’ll want to check out this model from Kammok, which combines a traditional hammock shape with an integrated bug net and rainfly, allowing you to hang between a pair of trees while fully-sheltered from the elements. Both the bug net and the rainfly are detachable, too, so you can use just the hammock if you prefer sheltering in a more conventional tent. We love the thoughtful design, especially with the bug net, which comes with built-in pockets and a see-through panel for easy stargazing when lying on the hammock at night. Same goes with the two-compartment stuff sack that allows you to separate the hammock and bug net from the rainfly, which should come in handy when the rainfly is dripping after a rainy night. According to the outfit, their knotless suspension system allows you to set up the hammock in just one minute, although we’ll probably give another minute or two of leeway for those who like to keep things easy.  When deployed, the hammock measures 10 x 4.7 feet (length x width), so there’s plenty of room to get comfortable, all while supporting up to 500 pounds. The whole thing weighs just 2.9 pounds.

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Hennessy 4Season Expedition Zip Hammock

Designed to keep its occupant warm in cold weather, this tent hammock gets dual-layer construction that combines one layer of 70D and one layer of 40D nylon to keep chilly air from creeping up underneath. It also includes an open-cell foam pad that you can slip in to get the temperature rating to around five degrees Celsius and a reflective space blanket you can put on when the temperatures get even lower than that. It has an asymmetrical design that lets you lie level on the hammock diagonally and get excellent support under the lower back for a comfortable time sleeping, while a structural ridge line allows the hammock to retain its shape regardless of the tree spacing, ensuring it sets up consistently every single time. Features include an integrated mosquito net, an attachable rainfly, 10-foot suspension straps, and a weight limit of 250 pounds.

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Tentsile Trillium 3-Person Camping Hammock

Unlike traditional camping hammocks, this one requires the bed to be strapped down on three anchor points, so setting up could be a little more complicated. For the extra hassle, though, you get a really unique tent that’s designed to accommodate up to three people, creating a downright unique hammock experience. That’s right, three people can comfortably fit in that large three-cornered surface, with plenty of options in how you’ll arrange yourselves on its spacious surface. And yes, it’s got the weight rating to match, as the darn thing is built to handle up to 880 pounds. Features include three storage pockets under the hammock, a center access hatch for easily climbing into the tent, and a lay-flat design that lets you lie down any way you like. Do note, this thing weighs an unholy 17.1 pounds, so it’s definitely not the kind of thing you want to take when backpacking.

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