The Best Drop Boxes To Secure Your Package Deliveries

Shopping online is very convenient, saving us from the hassle of having to drive to five or six different stores over the weekend just to find the stuff we like. Instead, we just have to go online, push a couple of buttons, and wait a day or two (or longer, depending on where you shop) for our packages to arrive.

Problem is, we’re not always home when those package deliveries happen. As such, couriers end up having to leave our packages in the front porch, where they sit unattended until we get home. While that isn’t bad on its own, it’s simply not secure, leading to many instances of package theft in recent years.

One of the most effective ways to deter this theft is the use of secure drop boxes.  Instead of leaving your packages on the porch, couriers can drop it inside a secure box that would-be thieves just wouldn’t be able to access. Different drop boxes use different designs to secure your packages, with some relying on modern tech and others relying on more traditional lock box form factors.

These are the best drop boxes you can get for your home.

Vevor Package Delivery Box

This is an old-school delivery box, with no Wi-Fi, no electronic lock, and none of the tech you’ll find in many modern options. It consists of a tall box that measures 42 x 14 x 11.3 inches (height x width x depth), with a drop-down chute on top and a locked door at the base. To use, couriers open the top chute and place the package inside. Once they close it, the package slides down to the bottom compartment, allowing you to retrieve it later by using the combination lock on the bottom door.  Construction is galvanized steel, so it’s durable and weatherproof, while pre-drilled holes on the back and bottom allow you to bolt it to fixed structures like walls and floors.

VEVOR Package Delivery Box, 14'' x 11.3'' x 42'',...
  • Premium Package Delivery Box: The parcel drop box is made of galvanized steel, sturdy, modern, and...

Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi

This box is designed to sit by your front door, waiting for deliveries to arrive. It starts off unlocked, so any courier that comes by can easily open it and place your packages inside. As soon as they close it, though, the lock will automatically engage, while you will receive a message about the packages arriving and the lock engaging. If you’re expecting more deliveries, you can remotely unlock the box again once the couriers are nearby (use your courier’s delivery tracking to find out). Sure, it’s a bit of a hassle to have to track the package and manually unlock the box, but it’s still better than having to have your packages left on the porch. The storage compartment measures 16 x 22 x 13 inches. Do note, the box is only made from hard plastic, so it’s pretty easy to lift and steal even with packages inside. As such, you’ll probably want to DIY some way to bolt this down to a fixed structure.

Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi - Package Box...
  • Protect your packages from theft and inclement weather while you are away from home with this...
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BenchSentry Package Vault

This electronically-locked trunk measures 25 x 35 x 23 inches (height x width x depth), so it’s large enough to fit all but the most massive packages, with a touchscreen keypad on top for unlocking, so you’ll have to leave instructions when you order, along with a valid code. Alternatively, you can simply leave a note that tells the delivery personnel to use the last four digits of the carrier tracking number as the code, provided you link the order to the companion app. It automatically locks any time the door is closed, too, so you don’t have to do anything else once a delivery is made, with alerts for any deliveries sent via the companion app. Similar to Yale’s drop box, it’s only made from hard plastic (weighs 44 pounds when empty), so you’ll want to secure this to bolt this down to keep thieves from taking the whole thing. This isn’t battery-powered, by the way, so you’ll also have to run a line to an available outlet.

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Loxx Boxx Household

This box is pretty big at 39.5 x 21.75 x 16.75 inches (width x height x depth), allowing it to accommodate a good load of packages, all while getting a powder-coated 16-gauge steel construction to protect your packages from the elements.  It can also be bolted to the porch for even more secure installation. To use, you link any deliveries you’re expecting to the ap, which will then use each package’s tracking number as a one-time valid code that can open the electronic lock. That means, you have to leave a message for couriers to use the tracking number to open the box. You can also define new codes from the app, as well as lock and unlock the box remotely. It even comes with an alarm that it can activate when wrong codes are entered several times, in case you want to scare potential thieves away. The big downside here is the app, which requires a $1.99 monthly subscription, an expense most people might not be willing to pay since it’s not a cost you incur on most similar products.

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Eufy Security SmartDrop

This is one of the most tech-heavy delivery boxes available and it puts all those smarts to good use. It has a motion sensor that allows it to detect when there are people nearby, at which point it will send you an alert. You can then use the box’s onboard camera feed to verify whether it is a delivery personnel at your home. If it is, you have the option of talking to them via the two-way audio on the lock box to give instructions about the package. Alternatively, you can let the machine handle it autonomously, which will prompt it to provide prerecorded voice instructions on how to place the package inside. If it’s not a delivery personnel, you can disable the autonomous instructions to restrict any access to the box. You can lock and unlock the box remotely, by the way, so you can open it when your kids come home and have them take the packages out. The box has all-metal construction and IP65 water resistance, all while having a storage compartment that measures 25 x 18.3 x 17.7 inches.

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DeliverySafe Lockable Delivery Box

Unlike many drop boxes, this one is insulated, making it a better option for receiving groceries, meal boxes, and other food deliveries. We’re guessing that’s why it’s styled to look like a chest freezer. You can even order it with ice packs, in case you want to chill the inside compartment to keep whatever gets delivered fresh. Of course, you can also use it to receive regular packages if you’re not in the habit of ordering fresh food items online.

It uses a keypad to unlock the lid, which couriers will have to enter in order to open and place your packages inside. That means, you’ll likely have to leave instructions along with the key code when you place your order, so it’s a lot more hands-off than a lot of other solutions available. It’s weatherproof, too, so you can leave it to the mercy of the elements without having to worry about damaging your packages.

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