The Best EDC Gifts for Everyone Who Likes Practical and Functional Gear

From pocket tools and carrying cases to keychain gear and everything in between, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to EDC gear. Suffice to say, there’s no shortage of gifting options in the category. The best thing about everyday carry, though, is the fact that your recipient doesn’t have to be an EDC fanatic to enjoy the gift, as everyone can appreciate a good pocket knife, a fancy pen, or a packable jacket that they can carry as part of their day to day kit.

Want to give stylish gifts? Go for EDC items that place a premium on elegant aesthetics, although it might cost a bit more. Want presents that are a bit more unusual? There’s no shortage of EDC items that absolutely fit the unique and quirky bill. You can get EDC tech items for the gadget-obsessed, sustainable ones for the environmentally-conscious, and all sorts of pocket tools for every interest under the sun.

These are the best EDC gifts for everyone in your shopping list.

Lever Gear CableKit

Whether you want to give them as stocking stuffers or regular gifts, everyday carry gear have long made for some of our favorite Christmas presents. With plenty of small and inexpensive EDC items, they are absolutely perfect as stocking stuffers, while their utilitarian nature makes them among the most useful gifts anyone can receive.

You can be diligent about rolling up your cables and tying them down, but at some point, it’s always going to turn into a tangled mess. That’s just the nature of dealing with wires. If you don’t want to deal with it, ditch your USB cables at home in favor of this keychain tool, which puts the cables inside a solid plastic housing, A USB plug on one end lets you hook it up to any vacant charging port, while adapters for the other end lets you charge Lightning, micro-USB, and USB-C devices. Granted, using a non-flexible plastic “cable” means it can’t bend to accommodate awkward charging positions, so it could present a bit of a challenge in some situations, although freeing yourself permanently from tangled cables just might make it worth the trouble.

Lever Gear CableKit - Portable Micro USB Keychain...
  • FREE 2 Piece Adapter Pack with purchase.

Matador Droplet

This teardrop-shaped silicone case is small enough to hang on a keychain, all while housing a packable 2.5L stuff sack that you can pull out any time you need a waterproof container. Get caught in sudden rain? Use the stuff sack to protect your electronic items from the drizzle. Sweaty clothes from working out? Separate them from the rest of your gear with this sack. It’s made from 20D nylon ripstop with PU waterproof coating and sealed internal seams, ensuring it won’t allow any water in or let any water out, with a drawstring closure making it easy to put items in and take stuff out.

Matador Droplet 3L Packable Dry Bag
  • Seam-sealed polyester bag with 3 liter capacity

Altec Lansing Mini H2O Bluetooth speaker

As far as Bluetooth speakers go, this is one of the most compact we’ve seen, making it the perfect one to add to anyone’s EDC kit. It sounds good, too, although the volume is probably not as loud as you’d want, especially if you’re playing it in an outdoors setting. Designed to handle the outdoors, it’s IP67 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about drenching it in the rain or dropping it in a puddle. Heck, it even floats on water, so you can have it swimming right next to you on the pool while it’s playing. Do note, the compact size means it also has a smaller battery, so it can only play for around six hours between charges.

Altec Lansing Mini H2O - Waterproof Bluetooth...
  • COMPACT & LOUD: Our compact and portable bluetooth speakers are designed to deliver clear and loud...

Magpul Daka Utility Organizer

This water-resistant storage case measures 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.75 inches (length x width x thickness), making it a great storage case for tools, electronics, and other EDC staples. Inside the clamshell compartment, it gets a large zippered mesh pocket on one side, two smaller pockets on the other, and three loops under the small pockets. It’s made from polymer-infused textiles that give it a semi-rigid structure, while welded seams provide an impenetrable seal to keep out water and dust.

Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer Compact Semi-Rigid...
  • A durable, weather-resistant, compact case designed to protect, store, and secure your gear;...

Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Utensils

Eating take out is fine and all, but all that disposable cutlery is just too much waste. Plus, plastic forks, spoons, and knives are just a hassle to use. This eating utensil set is made from aluminum, making it a lot easier to use with your meals, all while coming with magnetic connectors that allow them to stack into a slim pile. It comes with a spoon, a fork, and a knife, as well as a pouch that fits all three when you stack them together. The whole thing can fit conveniently in your pants’ back pocket, too, allowing you to easily take reusable cutlery with you anywhere you decide to spend the day.

MAGWARE Magnetic Camping Utensils Set - Portable &...
  • ✔ PORTABLE & REUSABLE: Our travel utensils and matte black case sold more than 15,000 cutlery sets...

Satechi MagSafe-Compatible Wallet

A great gift for iPhone users, this wallet is designed to snap to the back of any MagSafe-compatible phone, allowing you to keep both your phone, you cards, and any cash you carry in the same pocket. It’s only  a single centimeter thin, so it barely adds any bulk to your phone, all while pulling double duty as a multi-angle kickstand that you can use to keep your phone stable on any flat surface in either portrait or landscape. Features include vegan leather construction, storage slot for up to four cards, a window cutout to keep your ID visible, and NFC pass-through in the front pocket.

Satechi Magnetic Magsafe Wallet and Double Flap...
  • Apple MagSafe-Compatible Technology – Add this sleek vegan-leather magnetic wallet to your...

Jibbon Key Organizer

Key fobs are nice, but a proper organizer case like this one offers a much cleaner way to carry all your keys. Instead of having your keys jangling about in your pocket, it keeps all of them neatly bunched inside a leather strap, with each key able to flip out for use much like a pocket multi-tool. The D-ring outside allows you to attach it to belt loops and straps, all while serving as a place to secure larger items like car keys and keychain tools. It holds up to nine standard keys inside the strap.

Satechi Magnetic Magsafe Wallet and Double Flap...
  • Apple MagSafe-Compatible Technology – Add this sleek vegan-leather magnetic wallet to your...

Peak Design Tech Pouch

It looks like a dopp kit. In fact, you can probably use it as one. However, inside this pouch’s clamshell main compartment are soft and elastic dividers that give it 21 pockets, allowing you to neatly separate your gadgets, cables, and small electronics. An external zippered pocket allows cable pass through, so you can charge your phone on the exterior from the power bank inside, while dual hand straps on the lower end allow you to hold it securely in hand. Features include a 2L capacity, water-resistant construction, and a flat base that lets you set it down on a table surface.

Peak Design Tech Pouch (Midnight) - The Original
  • Exterior fabric is weatherproof 200D Nylon. Nylon and polyester PC and TPU coated fabrics, Woven...

The James Brand Elko

When we want EDC gear with elegant aesthetics, the James Brand is one of the first outfits we check out. That’s sort of been their calling card this entire time. This keychain knife lives up to the reputation, of course, coming with a minimalist design that combines a stainless steel blade, aluminum scales, and a titanium key ring. It’s very compact, measuring just 2.6-inch when closed, all while giving you a 1.74-inch blade with enough edge to perform most daily cutting tasks. Features include a slop joint lock, nail lick opening, and a key ring that you can use as a functional pry tool.


Nitecore EDC27 3000

Pocket flashlights are very handy. Problem is, their cylindrical shape make them quite uncomfortable inside any pants pocket. That’s why we were stoked when we first saw this bar-shaped flashlight with its flat form factor and slim 0.8-inch frame, making it a breeze to fit inside crowded pockets and storage pouches alike. It’s not just some novelty flashlight, either, as it delivers a maximum brightness of 3,000 lumens and a maximum throw of over 680 feet, while the TIR-style lens produces a flood beam that covers a wide area. Do note, the 3,000 lumens is only a special Turbo mode, so it will immediately switch to the 1,000-lumen High setting after a few seconds. Runtime is 105 minutes on High, 225 minutes on 200-lumen Medium, and 11 hours on the 65-lumen Ultralow setting, with USB-C fast charging allowing it to fully recharge in just 75 minutes.

Grovemade Desk Pen and Stand

Pens are hardly the most exciting gifts these days, especially since many people can go about several days without ever using one. However, some people still do use traditional writing instruments regularly and those people make the perfect recipient for a gift like this one. We’re especially fond of the brass version, which is precision-machined from solid brass and hand-polished, leaving it looking like a future heirloom piece. It has machined facets that keep it from rolling when set down on the desk, although it really looks its best when paired with the maple stand, which comes with a matching brass shell along the edges. Features include a twist action top, Schmidt P8126 rollerball inserts, and a length of 5.65 inches.


Leatherman Arc

Arguably Leatherman’s best multi-tool, this rig combines 20 different functions with the outfit’s magnetic locking system that lets you easily deploy each tool using a single hand. However, what really makes it stand out is the 2.7-inch MagnaCut steel blade, which is, honestly, the first time we’ve ever seen such premium knife material used on a multi-tool. Suffice to say, if you want a multi-tool with a knife blade that’s extremely tough and holds its edge for long periods, this is the way to go. It’s, pretty much, a showcase of all of the outfit’s best tools and features, from the aforementioned magnetic locking and premium knife blade to the two sizes of bit drivers and dual-pliers function. If you want to give the best multi-tool available today, it rarely gets much better than this.