The Best Electric Leaf Blowers Make Clearing Fallen Leaves A Much More Peaceful Affair

If you own a property with a big yard, chances are, you have to deal with a never-ending supply of fallen leaves all through autumn. The first step to cleaning the mess up is to gather them all in a neat pile and a leaf blower is the best tool to help with that (until the robots can do it, of course). While gas-powered leaf blowers were the standard for a long time, electric leaf blowers have proven to be the better option these days, as they get the job done without the weight, the fumes, and the noise of their more traditional counterparts. It’s also very low maintenance, since there’s no engine or fuel mix to worry about, making it just an overall more convenient machine.

If you have a smaller yard, a corded machine is probably enough to let you handle all your seasonal leaf-blowing chores. For those with bigger properties, though, opting for a cordless machine will spare you from having to run incredibly long power lines just to cover the entire space.

These are the best electric leaf blowers today.


Sun Joe SBJ601E All-Purpose Electric Blower

If you have a small yard and will do most of your cleaning in porches, patios, decks, and short walkways, a high-powered leaf blower may be too much of an overkill. You’ll probably do better using this 4.6-pound compact blower, whose 215 mph air speed and 240 CFM air volume offers just enough punch to clear leaves and other debris off those areas. It handles cleaning leaves off hard ground just as well as bigger, more powerful options, although you will have to put in a bit more time when working on damper, grassier terrains. One surprising thing here is the noise, which is on the louder end for electric blowers, as we assumed it will be quieter because of the more compact profile.

Sun Joe SBJ601E 10 Amp 215 Max MPH All-Purpose...
  • [BEST USE]: Sweeping patios, driveways, decks and garages
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Toro Powerjet F700

With a max air volume of 725 CFM and max air speed of 140 mph, this electric leaf blower is a veritable powerhouse that’s able to easily sweep through the densest, dampest piles, pushing them towards any direction of your choosing. Seriously, it’s so strong, we thought it was going to propel itself towards the opposite direction. There’s a variable speed dial, so you don’t have to go full power when you don’t need it, while the long curved handle makes it easy to use at various angles single-handed. There’s also a pommel grip out front that lets you go to work two-handed if you want greater control over the blower during use (something you’ll appreciate when using it at the highest speed setting).

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Worx Turbine 800 Electric Blower

This yard tool uses a turbine fan to deliver a whopping 800 CFM of air volume at speeds of up to 135 mph. That volume of air is seriously insane for a leaf blower in this price range, allowing it to move leaves with relative ease compared to most other options here. Basically, if you want as much power on tap, this is the perfect pick. The biggest downside here is the handle, which is rather small, forcing you to grip it the same way every time. There’s also no secondary handle, so it’s not as easy to control at the highest settings.

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Toro UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vac

This three-in-one yardwork tool will not just blow leaves, it can also vacuum them and even shred them for mulching. It may be a better option if you don’t simply plan to gather leaves in a pile, collect them in a wheelbarrow, and dump them in the can. The device has an air volume of 340 CFM in blow mode and 405 CFM in vacuum mode, along with 260 mph maximum air speed, so it’s pretty powerful. It’s an excellent leaf blower, using that powerful blast of air to move beds of leaves in short order, all while remaining relatively light despite its added functions. When sucking in leaves, by the way, you can shred them through the built-in metal impeller blades that will reduce their volume by a whopping 88 percent. Do note, it requires swapping out separate tubes when switching between blower and vacuum functions, so you can’t just push a button to go from one to the other.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum,...
  • Superior blowing and mulching proven by controlled laboratory testing.This bag is designed to...
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Greenworks 48V Brushless Leaf Blower 585 CFM

This cordless blower uses two 24V batteries to power the maximum 585 CFM air flow and 140 mph air speed, which are enough to handle tougher clearing jobs like wet leaves and thick, damp piles on grass. It has a variable speed trigger that makes it easy to operate, with a comfortable, albeit slightly undersized grip, allowing you to tote its 5.1-pound weight one-handed pretty easily. While we normally prefer having a secondary handle for more precise control, the light weight of this cordless blower makes it largely unnecessary.

Greenworks 48V (2 x 24V) Cordless Brushless Axial...
  • DUAL 24V BATTERY SYSTEM: Enjoy 48V of gas-like power with the convenience of the 24V battery...
Buy Now – $199.99

Ego Power+ LB6504 Cordless Leaf Blower

Arguably the best cordless option out there, this model offers an excellent balance of run time and power. Need power to handle those damp and dense beds of fallen leaves all over? Not a problem with 650 CFM air volume and max speeds of 180 mph, while dial controls for both volume and speed allow you to conserve battery life when needed. Speaking of battery, the onboard 5.0Ah module offers 90 minutes runtime on average, although that goes down to 15 minutes at the turbo setting and just under 30 minutes on high, all while going up to 200 minutes on the lowest settings. We also love the two nozzle attachments, with one flat and one tapered, allowing you to use it for different tasks.

EGO Power+ LB6504 650 CFM Variable-Speed 56-Volt...
  • Turbo button delivers 650 CFM, up to 180 MPH with tapered nozzle attached

Ryobi 40V Whisper Electric Leaf Blower

Probably the quietest electric leaf blower there is, the only thing you’ll hear while using this is the sound of air streaming out of the nozzle. Ryobi says it’s seven times quieter than their previous models, which might be accurate, since this is impressively quiet. It’s also powerful, delivering 190 mph air speeds and 730 CFM air volume, allowing you to clean out both hard and grassy grounds with relative ease. Three power settings allow you to dial in just the right amount of power you need, with cruise control feature allowing you to lift your finger off the trigger while its running, something we appreciate in cordless blowers due to their added weight. Runtime isn’t very long, though, so you’ll be lucky to get anywhere near 20 minutes on high.

Ryobi 40V Whisper HP Brushless 190 MPH 730 CFM...
  • Works with all RYOBI 40V Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
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