Make Short Commutes And Errands Way More Fun With The Best Electric Skateboards

Do you need an electric skateboard? Probably not. Will you have fun riding one? Absolutely. Truth be told, it’s hard to imagine a more fun way to run errands, commute to class, or just get somewhere that’s not too far. It’s quite fast, too, all while keeping you small enough to squeeze between traffic and even jump onto the sidewalk, if necessary.

The compact size means you can pick it up and carry it when you need to go on foot, with no need to find parking, chain it to a secure fixture, or even hunker down to collapse the whole thing. When it comes to modern, electric-powered rideables, it’s just more convenient than any other option.

If you’re in the market for an electric skateboard, you’ve probably noticed the big number of options currently available. Yeah… it can be overwhelming, with the category getting even bigger as the months go on. If you haven’t quite decided on what to get, maybe this list of our favorite electric skateboards will help you make an informed choice.

Wowgo 2S Pro

Probably our favorite entry-level electric skateboard, it doesn’t outperform the competition when it comes to speed or power. If you’re riding for utility, though, its 14 miles of rated range offer arguably the furthest you’re going to get at this price point. The range tends to hold up, too, give or take a couple miles or so when you go wild on the throttle.

It’s not all about the range, either, as the board can go pretty fast at a rated top speed of 25 mph. We were able to hit that, too, so if you have enough open space on your next ride, you can catch some serious speed on this thing. This board seems to prioritize stability over maneuverability, which, we’re perfectly fine with, considering you’re marketing to folks who want it as a commuting tool, so while it will feel a little tight on turns, the stability you get at high speeds, even with bumps on the road, more than makes up for it. Like other Wowgo boards, it uses a one-button remote that, truth be told, isn’t quite our cup of tea since it makes the control feel less smooth. It is a cool-looking remote, though, so we’ll take it.

Buy Now – $459.99

Meepo V4 (Shuffle)

It’s exceptionally fast for its price, making it a really fun ride for those who like rolling through city roads at pace. If you have a stretch of open road, you can crank its two 620W hub motors to propel you to well over 25 mph (rated top speed is 29 mph), ensuring you can easily outpace anyone riding a comparatively-priced board. Of course, all that speed means it’s very taxing on the battery, so don’t expect to get a lot of range. Definitely don’t count on getting those 11 miles of maximum range, unless you take your time riding at gentle cruising speeds, so you’ll want to make sure you have a way of charging back up if you’re planning to cover a fair amount of distance. You should be able to get 7 to 10 miles, depending on how fast you like to ride, for the most part, though, so it’s still pretty good.

It has a good concave on the deck that really helps in cornering and keeping it stable at high speeds, albeit not as smoothly as more expensive boards we’ve tried, while a generous flex on the same deck allows it to ride cleanly over most cracks and bumps on the road. Most hills should be easily scalable, too, while IPX6 water resistance rating allows you to ride it safely over puddles and wet roads. Granted, we can’t give the same safety rating for your pants that might be covered in mud when you do that, but your skateboard should be fine.

  • [Handle Deck] The smartly created MEEPO V4 electric skateboard has a grip that makes it easier to...

Backfire Zealot S

Arguably the best board for under $1,000, the successor to the highly-acclaimed Zealot uses two 875W belt-drive motors to hit top speeds of 30 mph, making it one of the most powerful boards you can get without spending four figures. Power delivery is super smooth, making it incredibly fun to ride, with a nimble performance that allows you to feel in full control when maneuvering it at high speeds. By the way, that smooth delivery means you don’t get the same instant power as some boards, so veritable speed demons might not take too much of a liking to that quality. It also has a very forgiving flex while staying very stable, making it perfect for imperfect city roads with all the cracks and bumps everyday traffic inflicts. Do note, this thing gets hot especially when you spent the ride pushing it, so keep that in mind the next time you decide to pick up to go on foot. Range, by the way, is rated at 24 miles, although you’re more likely to get 20 miles or less if you’re taking advantage of all that available power.

Buy Now – $799 (if you use the code listed on the website)

Propel Endeavor Pro

A crossover board, this electric skateboard is designed for city riding, albeit with enough off-road chops that you can take it to the occasional trail. With a coilover shock-supported independent suspension system in place of trucks, it should handle unpaved surfaces relatively well, all while being a veritable beast at staying stable through the harshest roads and clearing common obstacles when driving around the city. Seriously, the harsher the road, the more you’ll notice the difference with regular electric skateboards. It’s not four-wheel drive, though, which is why it’s not marketed as a full-fledged off-road board.

Acceleration is satisfyingly fast, especially once you’ve built up some momentum, although it is a lot smoother during takeoff, so it won’t quite hit you with a sudden burst of speed. You can hit speeds north of 30 mph, too, making it helpful when you’re in a hurry.  While you’re likely to appreciate the strong brakes at those speeds, it does feel a bit too sensitive, so much so that it’s going to feel like you’re going to an abrupt stop most of the time, although you can ease into it eventually once you get the hang of the control wheel.

Of course, the combination of powerful motors and that independent suspension means it’s going to be heavier than your typical electric skateboard. In this case, that amounts to a whopping 43 pounds – making this hell to carry when going on foot. Heck, you can find a backpack to carry it and it will still be hell on your back.

Buy Now –$2,099

Lacroix Lonestar Supersport

For many, this model is the cream-of-the-crop among electric skateboards. That’s for good reason, with its insane top speeds, high torque across the power band, and downright ridiculous range. Simply put, it’s an absolute powerhouse, from the 39-mph top speed, 100-mile range, and the ability to clear 40 percent hill grades, ensuring there are no paved slopes too steep. There are plenty of options when you order it, too, allowing you to choose a stiffer deck, better hubs, and more reinforced drive systems. Of course, those upgrades will also drive the price even higher, but this isn’t the kind of electric skateboard you get when you’re concerned about the budget.

Truth be told, we don’t know many people that can handle it at full-throttle (we can’t), since skateboards aren’t exactly designed to take you at those insane speeds without something to hold onto. By the way, the 100-mile range is, of course, under ideal conditions. Still, the battery in this thing is so massive, you can ride the whole day and still barely shave it to half.  Oh yeah, make sure to get the fast charger, since you’re going to be waiting around six hours to fully recharge if you don’t. That’s just way too long.

On the downside, it weighs a whopping 51 pounds, making it nearly impossible to carry by hand for long periods, which defeats one of the electric skateboard’s biggest advantages over other rideables. If you just want a board that will get you maximum speed for maximum thrills, though, this is as good as it gets.

Buy Now – starts at $4,399.99