The Best Fitness Gifts To Help With Training, Recovery, And Everything In Between

Some people train for competition. Others for general fitness. And then there are those who work out to reach some personal goals. Whichever the case, the fittest folks in your shopping list do rely on more than just their sweat and pain tolerance to reap the full benefits of training. A whole lot of ingredients get thrown in the pot to build those muscles, hone those reflexes, and develop all those skills, after all. As such, receiving presents that support their athletic endeavors is often greatly appreciated.

Here are some ideas for the best fitness gifts.

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

Even if they don’t do yoga, anyone who trains can use a good yoga mat, as it allows them to do floor exercises without having to come in contact directly with the ground. The biggest problem with yoga mats, though, has always been their size, with that long rolled-up profile making for an awkward shape to fit in most bags. This foldable yoga mat changes that, with its ability to collapse into a flat pile measuring 10 x 12 inches, making it possible to fit even in smaller gym bags and backpacks.

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise...
  • YOGA MAT FOR TRAVEL: This 2mm thick non toxic PVC yoga mat easily folds into a 10 inches x 12 inches...
Buy Now – $24.98

Goodr OG

If your recipient likes training outdoors, chances are, they need some sports sunglasses to keep their eyes protected. While there are plenty of those, we really appreciate these running sunglasses from Goodr, whose stylish design makes it look good enough for all day wear while a special grip coating keeps it glued to your face even while you’re running and covered in sweat. If your recipient isn’t into wayfarers, the outfit also has a ton of other styles, all with the same functional construction and affordable price.

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Kettle Gryp

For the home workout enthusiast, this clever accessory turns an erstwhile regular dumbbell into a functional kettlebell, allowing you to perform most exercises that require a top round handle. Seriously, it’s the easiest way to add kettlebells to your home gym without buying more expensive equipment. It’s made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, with urethane foam and stainless steel components.

KETTLE GRYP - The Original - As Seen on SHARK...
  • TURNS DUMBBELLS INTO KETTLEBELLS IN A SNAP: Simply, open hinged handle, place your own dumbbell into...

Under Armour Undeniable Signature Duffle Bag

This sporty duffel has a 31-liter volume that should offer enough room to accommodate most people’s gym gear, all while coming in a 22-inch long profile that’s comfortable enough for both men and women to carry. It’s water-resistant, with abrasion-resistant bottom and side panels, so your gear is duly protected from the elements and the environment alike. There’s a vented pocket on one end sized to fit a pair of shoes, as well as mesh pocket on the other. Plus, you have to admit, this thing looks good.

Under Armour Women's Undeniable Signature Duffle...
  • UA Storm technology delivers an element-battling, highly water-resistant finish

Wilson Tennis Volley Short

Even if they don’t play tennis, your recipient will, no doubt, appreciate these comfy shorts, which are great for all kinds of sports and cross-training due to the freedom of mobility they afford. Plus, we’re huge fans of the massive pockets sized to hold tennis balls, which you can repurpose to hold all sorts of other gear you might need for whatever kind of training you do. And these things look really good on top of that.

Buy Now – $58


Truth be told, we don’t understand what’s going on with this shaker bottle’s aesthetics. Is it trying to be tactical, sporty, or something else? Whichever the case, looks aren’t what’s important here, as its capsule shape eliminates the usual edges where powders can get stuck, ensuring every bit of that protein powder you put inside gets dissolved and consumed. Even better, there’s no need to use any mixing accessories, as the shape maximizes centrifugal force, allowing it to break down not only powder supplements but even soft chunks of fruit when you shake them with liquids inside. It’s seriously pretty impressive, turning out some of the smoothest pre- and post-workout shakes you’ll ever enjoy. Oh yeah, it’s insulated, too, with the ability to keep cold drinks chilled for up to 12 hours.

Buy Now – $60

Isopure Zero Carb Protein

Protein shakes are standard dietary fare for most people who train hard, as it offers heavy doses of that essential nutrient that’s been long proven to help muscles heal, recover, and grow. While there are countless brands of protein powders out there, we really like this whey isolate from Isopure for its zero carb content, ensuring you can get your 25 grams of protein in each scoop without having to consume extra carbs along with it. We recommend the creamy vanilla as it’s one of those flavors that very few people seem to dislike.

Isopure Protein Powder, Creamy Vanilla Whey...
  • The cap colors on bottles may vary from the product image shown due to a new cap color transition...
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Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slides

After grueling training sessions, there’s nothing you want to do more than kick off your trainers and change into something more comfortable.  These slides are designed to do the trick. More than serving as comfy slip-ons, they offer a supportive arch and thick cushion that provides incredible relief from foot pain, while a rockered midsole promotes an efficient walking gait.

Hoka One One Mens ORA Recovery Slide 2 Black/Black...
  • Soft top layer EVA for immediate step in comfort

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress

It looks like any normal, figure-flattering short dress that girls love to rock. Except, this erstwhile casual dress actually hides a full-fledged shorts liner that makes it viable as a workout garment. It’s made with Lightspeed, a technical woven fabric that’s engineered to move along with every jump, stride, and squat, all while drying quickly, so you never feel soaked during your workout. Features include adjustable straps for a secure fit and sticky grippers on the hem of the shorts so they never ride up.

Buy Now – $100

Omorpho G-Top Long Sleeve

Sure, you can wear a weighted vest to add a degree of difficulty to your training, making erstwhile familiar moves just that much more challenging. Problem is, vests tend to be bulky while adding varying amounts of restrictions to your range of motion. Omorpho solves that by making weighted clothing filled with tiny weighted spheres integrated all across the garment, allowing them to add weights to the clothing item without the bulk. This long-sleeved shirt distributes those weights across the body, the upper arms, and the lower arms, with none on the joints, so it doesn’t hinder movement. It’s made with a polyester and spandex mix that’s breathable and sweat-wicking.

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TRX Home 2

Even if they go to the gym regularly, no fitness buff will be unhappy to get a suspension training set as a present. Having one on hand makes it easy to get a workout at home, all while giving you functional equipment you can pack in a luggage for exercising on-the-go anytime you travel. Sure, there are plenty of cheaper suspension trainers now and you can opt for those if you want, but we have mad respect for the pioneers of the category who, in our opinion, still makes the best set for pure resistance training.

TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System: Weight...
  • OUR BEST-SELLING TRAINING SYSTEM. TRX’s All-In-One Suspension Trainer System has revolutionized...
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Therabody Theragun Mini

The portable version of Theragun’s handheld massager can perform its pulsating action at three speeds, namely 1750, 2100, and 2400 percussions per minutes, all while applying up to 20 pounds’ worth of pressure directly to your aching muscles. Instead of the typical pistol form factor, it comes with a compact teardrop-shaped body that’s easier to pack inside gym bags, backpacks, and travel suitcases, making it a lot more convenient to bring any time you’re leaving the house. It’s also compatible with all of the normal-sized Theragun’s attachment heads, so you can use whichever targets your muscles best.

TheraGun Mini Handheld Electric Massage Gun -...
  • Theragun Power, Packed into an Ultra-Portable Package: Now 20% smaller and 30% lighter, to keep you...

Lululemon Studio Mirror

Among the current crop of smart home gym equipment, nothing is sleeker than Lululemon’s Studio Mirror (formerly, just Mirror), which integrates seamlessly into any interiors by looking like an erstwhile regular full-height freestanding mirror. Except, of course, it pulls double duty as a large vertical screen that can play on-demand workouts designed and taught by professionals that you can follow. Sure, the lack of actual training equipment means you’ll be dependent on bodyweight exercises when you start, but they do offer a wider range of on-demand workouts, including kettlebells, resistance bands, boxing, and more, provided you’re willing to purchase additional equipment.

Buy Now – $795