The Best Gardening Shoes for Planting, Weeding and More

Yes, you can do your beloved gardening activities in any old sneakers, slip-ons, or whatever other comfortable footwear you have lying around the house. That doesn’t mean they make for the best shoes for the job. Wearing ordinary shoes may not seem to matter much, but you realize the folly later on when you end up with soggy feet, along with a litany of aches and pains in your lower extremities.

You see, the best gardening shoes isn’t just about comfort and fit. Sure, those are important, especially since you’ll be switching from standing, sitting, squatting, and all sorts of other postures continuously. However, gardening has other specific requirements that your footwear needs to account for, as well, beyond the comfort, fit, and arch support you require from most daily footwear.

For instance, spending time in the garden means being exposed to wet and slippery surfaces, which is why water-resistant gardening shoes that deliver good traction on slippery ground can make a world of difference. If your garden has thorny plants, rocks, or any other type of sharp object, you’ll definitely want shoes with protective materials around the sides and ankles, which can also help with bug bites if you have critters creeping around the garden grounds.

Whether you work on an open garden, raised bed gardens, or a greenhouse setup, these are the best gardening shoes to keep your feet dry, safe, and pain-free.

Sloggers Rain & Garden Shoes


  • Very affordable
  • Plenty of colorful designs
  • Comfortable and waterproof with plenty of traction


  • Leaves upper part of the heel exposed
  • Fit is a little too snug, so you may want to size up

We love the colorful prints emblazed all over these slip-on gardening shoes, which make it look a whole lot more fun, compared to the drab colorways of most utility footwear. They have ones covered in chickens, flowers, hummingbirds, paw prints, and more. Of course, it wouldn’t be so fun if it didn’t help you get things done in the garden, which it capably does with its protective rubber-like upper, waterproof construction, and heavy-duty lug tread outsoles. It’s comfortable, too, with arch support insoles and extra cushioning for relieving aching feet. Sloggers say the shoes can handle wet grass, muck, mud, and puddles of all sorts, ensuring you can wear it through the wettest, messiest gardens with no trouble. They clean easy, too, requiring just a rinse off or a wipe down to clean up after a long day.

Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe for Women –...
  • Important Fit Information: Please refer to the size chart infographic for your perfect fit. Sloggers...

Backdoor Shoes Clogs


  • Roomy, comfortable fit
  • Fully closed in the front with an inch of protective upper in the back half
  • Thick cushioned sole


  • Runs a bit large (either size down or wear socks)
  • Water can slip seep in from the back

Clogs make perfect gardening shoes because they’re so easy to slip on and off, while having a wide foot bed that’s very comfortable. Problem is, many modern clogs have taken on Crocs’ perforated design, which is great for ventilation, but allows water and debris to seep in. That’s not the case with these clogs, which are fully closed on the front half to keep water, mud, and all sorts of debris out, while still having about an inch of upper material on the back half to keep the same elements from going in directly through the rear foot bed. They have excellent traction on wet garden ground, wear securely (no strap necessary), and comes in fun, playful color patterns.

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Crocs Classic Clogs


  • Comfortable and roomy fit
  • Can be worn outside the garden
  • Stable grip on slippery surfaces
  • Easily sheds water and debris


  • Open rear foot leaves the heel unprotected
  • Water and debris get in easily from the rear if you don’t use the heel strap

Everybody knows about Crocs at this point. Somehow, they managed to turn the erstwhile boating shoes into everyday footwear. It’s also become a gardening favorite for many people, who love its comfortable fit, perforated upper that allows water to shed freely, and its stable grip on slippery surfaces, along with its very durable build. We don’t like the fact that it’s fully open on the back half of the foot, since water gets through that part easily, which can leave your underfoot moist. You can, of course, use the pivoting heel strap to hold the heel down against the insole to keep water out better, but it’s still no match for shoes with fully-closed heels.

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Native Shoes Jefferson


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Well-ventilated
  • Stable grip and shock-absorbing sole
  • Rubber toe box


  • Perforations allow water and debris in
  • Not easy to let water or debris out

If you like the perforated design of Crocs, but prefer a more sneaker-like silhouette, then you’ll definitely like these slip-on gardening shoes. With an upper and outsole both made with EVA, it wears very comfortably all around the foot, while perforations all over keep it well-ventilated when tending to the garden during the hotter months. Of course, the perforations mean water can get in and the closed silhouette doesn’t make it easy to get rid of it, so it might be an issue if you don’t like walking with a smushy underfoot. If you don’t mind that, then you’ll definitely appreciate the stable footing it delivers on wet surfaces, the comfortable fit, the shock-absorbent sole, the odor-resistant footbed, and the protective toe box, all of which come together to make really good gardening footwear.

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Evercreatures Meadow Wellies


  • Durable, flexible, and waterproof
  • Over-the-ankle height keeps your lower extremities protected
  • Deep-treaded outsole
  • Plenty of fun designs


  • Not breathable
  • Cotton lining might be difficult to clean

Not comfortable having your ankles exposed from the critters or the thorny shrubs in your garden? Slip on these comfortable gardening boots, which covers up just above the ankles to protect your entire lower extremities. It’s made from 100 percent rubber, so it’s durable, protective, and waterproof, with deep treads on the outsole to keep you stable even on muddy and slippery ground. Inside, it gets a pure cotton lining, so it’s soft and comfortable on the feet, while the flexible footbed lets your feet move freely in all sorts of positions. We recommend wearing socks, by the way, since the cotton lining will probably be a pain to clean if you ever soil it. It’s also not something you want to wear in summer weather, since the ankle-high boot silhouette and the rubber gives it zero breathability.

Bogs Patch Ankle Boots


  • Rubber boot silhouette offers durable protection and waterproofing
  • Sweat-wicking and odor-fighting liner
  • Superior stability and grip


  • Not breathable
  • Strong rubbery odor during first use

There’s plenty to love about these gardening shoes, which take on an ankle-high boot silhouette to provide durable protection on all sides. Despite the boot form factor, it’s actually very easy to slip on and slip off, especially with the small tab on the back of the heel. The upper and outsole are cut in soft and flexible rubber, so it’s durable, flexible, and completely waterproof, with deep-treaded outsoles allowing you to make you way around the wettest garden surfaces. Being a boot, this is clearly not that breathable, although it does evaporate sweat via the outfit’s Max-Wick technology, apart from having a contoured EVA footbed and an anti-odor liner, so it’s easier to keep from getting nasty. Still, we’d probably reserve this for the wetter season, rather than the summer months.

Bogs Womens Patch Ankle Boot Rain, Madhukar...
  • 100% Waterproof from top to bottome to keep feet warm and dry

LL Bean Wellie Sports Shoes


  • Excellent weatherproofing and traction
  • Stylish enough to wear as a daily sneaker
  • Surprisingly wearable in hot weather


    • Not easy to slip on and of, despite the slip-on design

These slip-on sneakers were designed for wet weather use, which also makes them excellent options as gardening shoes. It’s made with a rubber upper that provides waterproof protection from the elements, with a stretchy material at the shoe opening to let you slip them on and off. Do note, they don’t slip on and off easy, since they made it fit snug to ensure the top keeps moisture from seeping in during rain, so you’ll probably have to use the front and rear pull tabs each time out. An EVA midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption, while a rubber outsole with tiny lugs delivers grip in the wettest conditions. Surprisingly enough, they actually don’t get too hot when worn in warmer weather, so these shoes are actually wearable all year round.

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The Original Muck Boot Company Muckster II Low


  • Fully-waterproof and durable
  • Designed specifically for lawns and gardens
  • Neoprene bootie enables snug, flexible, and breathable fit
  • Excellent odor-control and moisture management


  • Bootie lining may not be for everyone

We love the quality of these gardening shoes, which really feel like they will hold up for the long term. You’ll definitely want them to do that, of course, since these things keep water out very capably, sparing you from having to deal with pruning feet when watering the garden. It has a self-cleaning rubber outsole that’s built specifically for lawn and garden use, as well as neoprene bootie that ensures a comfortably snug and flexible fit. There’s a mesh lining that improves breathability, too, while the insole has been treated for odor control and moisture management. The rubber outsole is heavily treaded, too, so this thing will give you secure footing on, pretty much, any kind of surface. Suffice to say, these are as technical a pair of garden shoes as we’ve ever seen and easily our favorite of the lot.

Muck Boot Women's Muckster 2 Low Rain Boot, Black,...
  • 4 mm neoprene provides comfort and flexibility, along with excellent waterproofing, shock absorption...
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Xtratuf Men’s Ankle Deck Boots


  • Surefooted traction and grip
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Sweat-wicking liner to prevent overheating


  • Can get hot just like other boots
  • Large loops can get snagged on bushes and thorns

So far, all the boot designs we’ve included here are for women. Guys tend to plants, too (some of them, at least), and these men’s boots offer an excellent gardening shoe option for the gruffer gardeners among us. Like some shoes here, this was originally designed as a boat shoe, but has since been used by many for the wet, slippery, and muddy grounds of backyard gardens. It’s 100 percent waterproof, so your feet will stay clean and dry the whole time, with strategically-treated, slip-resistant outsoles that ensures sure footing, no matter the surface. Since this isn’t breathable, it has an evaporative liner that helps wick sweat to keep your feet from overheating, as well as taller toe box for a more comfortable fit. It’s available in both standard and wide fits, so you can get one suited to your foot size, although they still recommend going half-size up from your normal foot size.

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