The Best Mushroom Lamps To Add A Quirky Retro Flair To Your Home

We’re not entirely sure why, but mushroom lamps are kind of a thing right now. Any time you walk through a home lighting store aisle or the lighting section of an e-commerce website, you’re bound to see a few. Occasionally, more than a few. Almost like they sprouted everywhere all at once. Suffice to say, the mushroom lamp aesthetic of the 60s and 70s is back in the interior decorating menu.

If you enjoy playful character and retro personality of these squatty fungal lighting elements, then it’s the perfect time to bring them to your home. There’s a large (and growing) number of options in beautiful lamps sporting those signature dome shades and rounded bases that are just screaming to find a spot somewhere in your abode.

These are some of our favorite mushroom lamps available today.

IKEA Tokabo

Prefer your mushroom light to have a passing resemblance to the Mario power-up without actually looking like a video game graphic? Get this petite lamp from Ikea, which is made from colored glass with a plastic base. It comes with a 4W LED bulb in tow, too, so you just take this home, put it anywhere (at its size, it should fit everywhere), and plug it in. The lamp stands six inches tall, with the mushroom head shade measuring just 5 inches in diameter.

Buy Now – $19.99

Paladone Super Mario Bros Mushroom Light

Long before the mushroom lamp went trending, Paladone has been peddling this tiny lamp version of the mushroom power-up from Super Mario, trying to get it in the hands of the legions of Mario fans still enamored with the game. If you’re a gamer who wants to hop on that mushroom lamp trend, this seems like a cute way to go, especially since it makes for a fun keepsake for all your side-scrolling memories with the long-running Nintendo classic.

Paladone Super Mario Bros Mushroom Light with...
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Globe Electric 52938 Desk Lamp

This 15-inch tall desk lamp dials down the mushroom quirk by combining the domed shade with a really slim stand. The result is a lamp that fits right into the mushroom mold, but will likely stay looking good even when all the mushroom excitement has passed. You can even tell your comic book friends it’s based on Penguin’s umbrella or something. The color combo of the matte black shade and matte brass stand feels classy, too, making this just as a suitable for an office desk as it does on a living room side table. Features include an E26 socket (they recommend a 40W bulb) and an in-line power switch.

Globe Electric 52938 Luna 15" Desk Lamp, Matte...
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Urban Outfitters Ansel Glass Table Lamp

Made from glass, this classy-looking joint glows softly in its entirely, giving it a lava lamp feel that perfectly encapsulates the weird trend that’s the mushroom lamp. Truth be told, we can’t decide if we want to actually light this thing or just keep this turned off because that marbleized color scheme and that adorable shape creates a strangely aesthetic combo that just stands out by themselves. There’s no switch on this lamp, by the way, so it will automatically light up as soon as you plug it into an open outlet.

Buy Now – $89

General Admission Mushroom Lamp

Instead of embracing an abstract mushroom shape like many lamps, this one embraces the full mushroom silhouette. It’s straight out shaped like a proper mushroom. Carved from two pieces of actual stone (one for the shade, one for the stand), it looks like a beautiful tabletop statue when powered off. Switched on, though, it creates a fascinating orange glow that really primes the mood for a fiery evening. Do note, since these are hand-carved, each one may look slightly different from the other.

Buy Now – $90

Urban Outfitters Ansel Chrome Table Lamp

Yes, we love the glass version of this mushroom lamp. But if you’re a guy or a girl looking to give a guy a mushroom lamp, we feel like this one is the way to go. It takes the same shape and the same glass construction, albeit with a chrome finish that makes it look like a hunk of metal straight out of a sci-fi adventurer’s home in a distant planet. Because of the unique glass and chrome combo, it even looks wilder when the light is turned on. Granted, the lamp is probably all but unusable for actual lighting utility, but it’s truly incredible to look at.

Buy Now – $119

West Elm Mushroom Table Lamp

Some mushroom lamps take creative liberties and add some abstraction to their fungal creations. Others take the name literally and give you an actual mushroom-looking fixture. West Elm went the latter route for this one, which is literally styled to look like a large mushroom grew out of your side table or nightstand. It’s freaky and fantastic, both at the same time. It seems to be designed for children’s bedrooms, but with mushroom mania in full force, we imagine this can make for some nice ornamentation to the living room, too.

Buy Now – $159

Schoolhouse Sidnie Lamp

This all-steel mushroom lamp offers a lighting décor that’s equal parts stylish and durable. We love the combo of the mushroom dome and slim stand, as it feels less trendy than most mushroom designs, which should keep it in play long after the mushroom boom has run its course. It’s the kind of lamp we imagine can last quite a long time in your home, both in terms of aesthetic and its hardwearing qualities. Granted, that paint job could fade at some point, but a weathered steel mushroom lamp still sounds pretty attractive, especially if it’s got some history to go with it.

Buy Now – $399

Artemide Nesso Table Lamp

Originally designed back in 1967 by Giancarlo Mattioli, this is the mushroom lamp you get if you want something with authentic 60s DNA. It’s downright iconic, with its oversized dome, slim shapely tapered stand, and overall psychedelic aesthetic. However, that same cachet makes it extremely expensive. As in, you better be really into mushroom lamps and not just jumping the bandwagon on a hype trend. It uses four 25W G16 bulbs that total to 880 lumens, so it’s very bright, with an inline power switch, a 21-inch wide shade, and two color options: white and orange.

Buy Now – $500