The Coolest Power Drill Attachments Will Unlock The Humble Driving Tool’s Full Potential

Most people use power drills the way they were intended. They use them to hang frames, mount shelves, install cabinets, and perform a whole host of DIY handyman work around the house. They’re incredibly useful. As useful as they already are, though, power drills can do actually do a lot more. Pair it with the correct adapter and your erstwhile humble power drill can go far beyond its traditional drilling and driving duties.

These are some of the adapters and accessories you can use to take your power drill’s utility to the next level.

Dakota Products Pumpkin Gutter & Carving Tool

This attachment slots into your power drill’s chuck and arms it with a stainless steel blade designed to remove all that meat, string, and seeds, thinning out the walls to prepare it for carving your Halloween designs. No more digging out pumpkin guts with your hand, all while preserving the seeds, so you can roast them for snacking on later. Supposedly, you can use the same tool for carving onto the pumpkin walls, but we feel that’s a job better done with precision hand tools, so up to you.

Dakota Products PG001 Pumpkin Gutter & Carving...
  • Use with any electric or cordless drill

Edward Tools Paint and Mud Mixer

Ever tried mixing a 5-gallon bucket of paint? Not fun. Even worse when you’re mixing mud, plaster, or grout on the same large container. This drill attachment gives you a way to leverage your drill’s powerful motor to do all that mixing without the elbow grease, using its ribbon-shaped blade to stir everything in an efficient manner. The whole thing measures 16 inches long, with the head measuring around four inches, making it an ideal length for mixing a large amount of paint. Construction is zinc-plated steel.

HongWay Sanding Disc Kit

This kit equips an erstwhile ordinary drill with a hook-and-loop head that can hold any of the included abrasive pads for sanding wood, rubber, metal, leather, and all sorts of flat surfaces. A total of 300 abrasive pads are included, with 30 each of 60-, 120-, 180-, 240-, 400-, 600-, 800-, 1000-, 2000-, and 3000-grit. Yes, the discs are marked with their corresponding grit, too, so you won’t have to play a guessing game, trying to feel out how abrasive each one is compared to the other.



Why would you use a power drill to stir a freshly bought jar of peanut butter? We don’t know. That, however, is exactly what this attachment puts in your kitchen toolbox. Designed to plug into your power drill (also works with hand mixers), it uses a curved steel blade to expertly stir the oily and nutty goo into a perfectly-blended spread, with your drill’s motor capably cutting through the thickest piles to mix the whole thing perfectly. If you ever complained about getting sore wrists and forearms from stirring a big jar of peanut butter, this tool lets your power drill spare you from the suffering.

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Kata Hole Saw Kit

Yes, you can drill holes on wood, cement, and metal with most power drills. However, we’re talking about tiny holes. If you want to cut out big holes on plywood, drywall, or PVC, this kit adds a round saw around a standard drill bit, allowing you to quickly leave holes anywhere between three-quarters inches to five inches in diameter. It comes with a dozen saws of different sizes, all of them made from carbon steel. Do note, this isn’t professional grade, so don’t expect to use it for commercial projects. For home projects that require cutting holes, though, this does the trick.

KATA 18PCS Hole Saw Kit 3/4"-5"(19-127mm) Hole Saw...
  • SAFETY AND DURABLE: High quality heat-treated carbon steel with black oxidation coating surface,...

Hoyin 18-Piece Wire Wheel Cup Brush Set

Whether you’re smoothing out weld seams, stripping paint, or cleaning rust out of metal surfaces, this set’s durable crimped carbon steel wire brushes will get the job done using the same tool you rely on for drilling and driving. It comes with three sizes of brushes, namely 3-, 2.5-, and 2-inches, with six of each included, so you can have replacements on standby when they do wear down eventually. Each brush has its own hex shank for easily slotting into your power drill’s chuck.

HOYIN-18PC(3PACK 6Piece) Wire Wheel Cup Brush...
  • Size:Wheel diameter: 3 in., 2-1/2 in., 2 in. and 1-1/2 in. (2),Cup diameter: 2 in.

Big Horn 20-Piece Rubber Sanding Drum Set

If you do a lot of woodworking, investing in an oscillating spindle sander is absolutely a good idea. If you only occasionally need to sand down the edges of wooden workpieces, though, it’s quite a bit of investment you probably don’t want to make. With a power drill and this drum set, you can sand down the same workpieces for a refined texture and a smooth finish, albeit without the same ease as a fixed spindle sander. This set comes with four sizes of drums and two sleeves apiece of 120- and 80-grit abrasive.

Big Horn 19521 Rubber Sanding Drum Set, 20 Piece
  • ✅ A selection of most widely used sizes of rubber-cushioned, self-expanding sanding drums

TCBWFY Auger Drill Bit

If you do a lot of gardening, this attachment will fit any 3/8-inch hex drill driver and allow you to quickly drill perfectly round holes into the ground. TCBWFY makes it in various sizes and builds, although the one linked below is a solid barrel 16.5-inch long model that’s designed to dig through the hardest soil, with a sharp triangular-shaped pointed tip and thick spiral blades that will allow you to cut through clay and roots with ease. Do note, this requires an 18V drill or greater, as it does need a bit of torque to properly dig your holes.

TCBWFY Garden Auger Drill Bit for Planting...
  • Various Applications: our SOLID spiral hole drill is the best landscapers’ choice for increasing...

JUSONEY Drill Brush Scrub Pads 38-Piece Cleaning Kit

This 38-piece kit turns your power drill into a home cleaning powerhouse by coming with with a variety of brushes and pads that you can equip onto your rotary tool. You get 11 total nylon brushes, including two 2-inchers, two 2.5-inch cones, four 4-inch flats, and one 5-inch flat, as well as 16 scouring pads that are color-coded according to stiffness and six scrub sponges.

It comes with six-inch shaft with a chuck at the end, so you can create a fair distance between you and the brush during cleaning, while another six-inch extension lets you put a foot of distance between your tool and the surface being cleaned. Do note, you’ll need to use the slower speed settings on your power tool to make it more viable for cleaning tasks, as the higher speed settings are usually too fast. Also, you’re going to get splattered when using this, so steer clear of harsh chemicals during cleaning (or wear adequate protection if you will).

JUSONEY Drill Brush Scrub Pads 38 Piece Power...
  • THE JUSONEY DRILL BRUSH ADVANTAGE - By our considerate design and quality of product Every month, a...

Kemaisi Upgrade Saw Attachment

This accessory equips an erstwhile regular power drill with the abilities of reciprocating saw and jigsaws by using a base plate that attaches to the drill and a set of 15 swappable T-shank blades. The base plate comes with a guard similar to a power saw to ensure your safety during cutting, while a handle that you can place in one of three positions allows for stable handling during cuts. Will it give you the same level of control as a regular jigsaw for those tricky curved and angled cuts? Probably not. For home projects and DIY cutting jobs, though, this thing should do the trick. The outfit, by the way, recommends it for wood, metal, and meats. That’s right, those blades are rated to cut through bones, giving you the perfect excuse to finally use a power drill in the kitchen. Because you will use it for cutting, it goes without saying that this will likely require a drill with at least 18V or greater.


This attachment turns your drill into a cutting tool that creates perfectly square or rectangular holes in drywall for installing power outlets and light switches. It can cut holes in surfaces up to 1-inch thick, too, so it should be viable even for double layers of drywall. Yes, that’s all it does, so it’s not especially versatile. However, if you find yourself installing power sockets, switches, and mud rings on a frequent enough basis, this is one tool you’ll definitely want to have in your stash.

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