The Best Star Wars Tabletop Games Let You Play Out Your Own Adventures In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

With nine mainline movies, multiple spin-offs, a bunch of TV shows, and dozens of video games, there’s no shortage of Star Wars programs you can enjoy together with family and friends. Of course, you can only spend so many hours grouped up in front of the TV before you’ll want to bond doing something other than staring at rectangular screens. If you’d rather spend those bonding moments continuing in your shared Star Wars experiences, then tabletop games offer the best way to keep the adventure going together.

From board games and card games to pen-and-paper RPGs and tile-laying strategy titles, there’s a wide variety of tabletop games set in the Star Wars universe. Whether you want to engage in space battles, command legions of troops in ground combat, or band together to partake in an epic space adventure, there’s a tabletop game that will let you experience the advanced ancient civilization from the galaxy far, far away.

These are the best Star Wars tabletop games.

Spot It! The Mandalorian Card Game

If you want to play with smaller kids, then it usually pays to have a simpler game that won’t require copious amounts of time and attention. This Baby Yoda version of Spot It does the trick, which requires you to spot unique matching illustrations in separate cards, with each card having exactly one picture in common with every other card in the deck. The illustrations consist of cartoon renditions of various characters and objects from The Mandalorian series, making this especially fun to play after finishing an episode or two.

Spot It! Mandalorian - The Mandalorian Series...
  • MANDALORIAN ADVENTURE: Spot It! Mandalorian combines emblematic characters and objects from the...

Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace

A reworked version of Love Letter, the game puts you in the lair of the galaxy’s most notorious gangster during the same timeline as Return of the Jedi, where you scheme to achieve various agendas while outmaneuvering everyone else seeking to push their own. Gameplay is fast-paced, so you have to be quick on your feet and play the odds as they’re dealt, knocking other players out along the way while you stay in play. It’s an easy game to get into, without the complex strategy or grandiose tactics of many Star Wars games, making for a fun party game that up to six players can easily figure out. Games are short, too, at an average of around 20 minutes, so you can get back to scheming even if you fall short the last time.

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  • STAR WARS ADVENTURE: Immerse yourself in the galaxy's most notorious gangster's lair.

Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Want to experience what it’s like to be a Force-sensitive individual finding your way under Imperial rule? This roleplaying game lets you live it, thrusting you in various adventures while entrusting you with the choice of how and when to engage the Force. In the game, you take part in various events during the galactic Civil War, making your own choices and harnessing your connection with the Force. Eventually, you can join the Rebellion, embrace the dark side, or even turn your back on the entire conflict to go your own way.

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Risk: Star Wars Edition

Played on a game board shaped like a TIE Fighter, this Star Wars version of Risk divides players into two teams: one for the Empire and one for the Rebels, with the two factions competing across three combat arenas from the original trilogy simultaneously. Apparently, pairing Risk with a Star Wars theme makes for an intense game that’s equal parts fast-paced and strategic, all without the confusing fanfare of some of the more immersive games built for the franchise. Basically, the Star Wars theme is a great fit and looks especially nice with those fighter ships scattered around the board, while the straightforward gameplay allows for an engaging time.

Hasbro Gaming Risk: Star Wars Edition Game
  • TIE fighter gameboard features 3 theaters of combat

Star Wars: Outer Rim

While most Star Wars games continue the epic struggle between Empire and Rebels, this game focuses on life at the edge of the galaxy far, far away. Packing some of the most engaging Star Wars stories you’ve never seen onscreen, you play as one of the bounty hunters, smugglers, and mercenaries making a life out in the fringes. Designed for one to four players, the sandbox game has players angling to become the most infamous outlaw in the galaxy, with each one taking their own unique path towards getting there. To get there, you have to take on missions, achieve personal goals, upgrade your ship, deal with the other players, and do everything you can for a shot at glory, risking life every step of the way while crossing paths with various factions and iconic personalities from the franchise.

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  • TAKE TO THE STARS AND BECOME A LIVING LEGEND: In this game of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and...

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Set shortly after the events in Episode IV: A New Hope, the game pits one player against the rest of your party, with the lone player taking charge of the Imperial forces on their quest to capture rebel operatives that have infiltrated an Imperial base. The rest of the players take on various roles of characters from the rebel faction, including rogues, jedis, and former Stormtroopers on the way to achieving multiple objectives in an expansive dungeon crawling campaign. If you’d rather have your entire group roleplaying as rebel units, you can also use the companion app to serve as the dungeon master.

As the game progresses, characters can gain new skills and ability buffs, allowing you to further flesh out your character the longer you play, making the game extremely immersive as you get more invested. It’s persistent, by the way, so this is a game you can return to over and over until it concludes. If the campaign sounds too long, that’s because it is meant to be that way. In case you’d rather play a quicker hour-long game, there’s also a skirmish mode that lets you pit two teams of strike squads against each other. Truth be told, it’s not as fun, so the only reason to get this is if you’re willing to invest the time in the campaign.

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  • DIVE INTO THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE: Immerse yourself in the Star Wars saga with the Imperial Assault...

Star Wars: Rebellion

This asymmetric board game recreates the Galactic Civil War of the original trilogy, pitting the Empire and the Rebel Alliance against each other for control of the galaxy. Playing as the Empire, you gain control of a military might far superior than anything your opponent can offer, giving you access to TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers, and even the Death Star itself. As the Rebel Alliance, you must use cunning and covert strategies to infiltrate the Imperial territory, where you sow the seeds for resistance, with the ultimate goal of uniting the planets to rise up and revolt. Game ends when either the Empire finds and destroys the rebel base or the rebel faction succeeds in starting a revolution. Arguably the best Star Wars board game ever made, this includes 150 miniatures and two game boards that span 32 of the galaxy’s most prominent star systems, allowing you to immerse yourself in starship combat, military strategy, and a tactical war that’s as true to the spirit of the franchise as it can get.

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