The BoomCooler Is Almost Cool

boomcooler1The great outdoors are to be cherished. But no body said you can’t have fun at the same time. Research shows that camping has risen to the number one outdoor activity in America. Campers enjoy the thrill of jumping back into the lifestyle of their ancestors. When they are hungry, they go hunting. When they are filthy, they bathe in the lake. When they are uncomfortable, they grab the nearest rock for a pillow.

But what about when a camper gets tired of singing Kumbaya and just wants to put on a little of their favorite music while they sit by the fire, sipping a cold drink? As with many of the most desired gadgets today, the prevailing technologies are those that marry the solutions for many needs into one piece of hardware. So behold, the BoomCooler: easy to wheel around at outdoor parties, sitting around a bonfire, or at the greatest event of them all, a camping trip. According to its makers, it’s perfect for opening up to grab a cold one while your favorite music blasts out of these high quality speakers.
However, it’s also one of those odd pieces of science that has yet to be refined. The makers have marketed the BoomCooler as a marvel of engineering, allowing you to store something cold while you also play music. But in the same breath, the manufacturers also advise buyers against storing wet drinks inside this cooler. We can only guess why they decided to unveil a cooler that isn’t designed to cool. As it is, the cooler is more than adequate for storing cold drinks, provided you are willing to take the risk that moisture from inside might damage the circuits. As a sound system, the BoomCooler allows you to play music from CD player or Ipod.

Science hasn’t yet perfected this little gadget with a big voice, but we can still appreciate the novelty of this creation, and hope that they get it right soon.