The Clip Holds Your Money, Keys And Earphone Cords

You don’t need another keychain. We get it.  Neither do we.  But I’d be lying if I said The Clip wasn’t more interesting than most of the keychains I’ve ever owned.

Billed as “the world’s most talented keychain,” the little strip of metal will hold your keys, your headphones and your cash all within its diminutive frame.   And, like every multi-tool known to man, it will even open your beer when you ask it nicely.   Of course, having seen a keychain that can literally save your life, I don’t buy the “most talented” bit.  Nice try, though.

Designed by Little Bonsai, the Clip actually takes the shape of a money clip and it can function as one, holding your bundled bills in a neat pile while sitting inside your pocket.  A small hole on one corner allows you to put in a key fob, while a slit on the side makes room for otherwise messy headphone cables.  When you’re not using it as a money clip, you can hook the whole thing to your belt, so you can have both your keys and headphones on your waist for easy access.  Construction is a single-piece stainless steel, so it shouldn’t damage easy, either.

The Clip is available directly from the Little Bonsai website.  Price is $15.