Ready, Aim, Fire On The Hotdog: The Condiment Gun

While the Condiment Gun probably doesn’t work any better than your regular ketchup and mustard dispenser, it definitely makes lacing your hotdogs with sauces and spices way more entertaining.  Plus, it’s a wicked way to get back much worse at someone who squirts you with a water pistol.

The bad news?  The ketchup-shooting contraption can only squirt its load in very close range (just like a regular sauce dispenser), so you can’t exactly use it as a gross and messy squirt gun.  Good news is, you can always walk up to the obnoxious  drunk at the backyard barbecue and squirt his pants from behind.  I won’t tell.

The Condiment Gun is a plastic sauce dispenser gun that measures 6 x 9 inches (height x width).  It comes with two removable cartridges that you can fill up with your favorite sauces and load into the chamber for ammunition.  And since it’s styled like a toy gun, you fire by squeezing the trigger (it’s not an automatic, though, so it won’t unload the entire loot with just one pull).

Because it isn’t battery-powered, the product page recommends using the dispenser strictly for non-chunky sauces.   While you can try it with your favorite thick relish, too, performance will likely be unsatisfying (expect misfires).

Too bad the Condiment Gun doesn’t come with its own holster, as it could have made for a perfect accessory to add to your BBQ Zorro get-up.  Well, if Zorro carried a gun with his sword or something.  It’s available from Amazon, priced at under $23.

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