The Conquest, A Wheelchair-Accessible Motorcycle

Even the mobility-impaired deserve to experience the freedom of the open road in a vehicle that’s more liberal than a car.  And with the Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle, they can.

A badass-looking hog for those physically disabled from the waist down, the vehicle is a wheelchair-accessible front engine trike produced by Mobility Works from AK, Ohio.  Design is drawn from the patented Martin Conquest, with all features built around BMW’s 1170cc motorcycle specifications.

More than a novelty ride, a quick look at the Conquest’s specs sheet shows they’re serious about the claim of building it “to exacting standards for performance and maneuverability.”  The tricycle is powered by an 1170cc BMW engine, with a six-speed conventional clutch, push-button Klictronic gear change and a mechanical reverse gear.  It boasts a top speed of 105mph and accelerates from 0 to 60 in 7.6 seconds.  Other details include 17-inch cast alloy wheels, Bosch electronic ignition, uniquely-designed front and rear suspension, and a similarly wheelchair-accessible space for an extra passenger.

Drivers mount the trike while on their wheelchairs through an integrated rearward ramp.    A secure locking mechanism holds both driver and passenger in place, while a release button allows them to get off just as conveniently.

The Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle is fully road-tested and meets all US safety standards.   It was introduced earlier this month at the National Veteran’s Wheelchair Games in Denver, Colorado, but doesn’t appear to be available yet.  Despite that, I expect to see a number of these prowling roads soon enough.  It looks too wicked not to.

[Mobility Conquest via Automotto]