The Daily Shelter Hides A Secret Fort Within An Ordinary-Looking Table


Like to play fort, but don’t want visitors making fun of you for it?  Not a problem with the Daily Shelter, an ordinary-looking table that craftily hides an elusive, secret fort.

Created by artist Ingrid Brandth, it seems like a perfectly normal dining table at first glance.  Slide under it, however, and you’ll get access to a bevy of sliding and pop-up mechanisms that turn it into a veritable fort.  Yes, a completely private space where you can live in your own little world.  Your very cramped, own little world.

The Daily Shelter looks comfortable enough to fit a regular-sized kid.  Nerdy adults like you can probably fit in too, although comfort should fall far from your list of priorities.  With something that looks this good, you’ll probably end up battling with your kids and your dogs for use of the facilities, though, so be warned.

Currently a design concept, the piece appears to be a one-off.  That means you can’t waltz into a store and get one.  Which is downright sad, since I can’t imagine a more awesome fort for kids to hide under.  I bet ghosts and monsters can’t make their way into that.

Take a look at the video below to see how the Daily Shelter transforms.