Transport Your Living Room To The Star Wars Universe With The Droid Coffee Table


Your home may not have a pool, a guest bedroom, or even a working second bathroom, but it won’t matter. As long as you have The Droid coffee table sitting in your living room, it will be the most amazing place in the world. Until you need to use the bathroom and your kids are using it and you can’t hold the rumbling in your stomach anymore, so you dig a hole in the backyard with your Super Penetration Shovel, that is.

Created by Altar Furniture, it’s a coffee table clad in R2-D2’s unmistakable livery. Even better, sitting underneath the glass top is a 1991-era Data East Star Wars pinball machine, complete with working lights and sounds, so you can fill the room with arcade noises and R2-D2 bleeps.


The Droid uses a boxy encasement covered in R2-D2 graphics, complete with three wheeled legs cut in the same design as Artoo’s own mechanized limbs. Yes, it’s wheeled, so you can easily move it around like an actual robot, as well as roll it out to the driveway, giving you a chance to brag to the neighbors about your cool, new Star Wars find (hint: we don’t think the neighbors care). Outside the encasement, it comes with a miniature slide projector that beams images of the adorable droid inside the Death Star, with a somewhat-articulated Artoo figure inside the playfield that you can take out to play with. Dimensions are 20.9 x 49.2 x 27.9 inches, with a weight of 100 pounds.


Do note, the pinball machine doesn’t appear playable, but it does retain the light programming, so you can enjoy a light show without having to keep sending a ball into the playfield. Available now, The Droid retails for a blockbuster price (translation: very expensive) of £6,500.

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