The Every Drop Counts Water Meter


In this day and age, conserving all resources has become more and more important.  Conversing water, however, is something many people find hard to do.  It’s just so easy to stay in the shower a few extra minutes while enjoying that nice, hot water.  Most of us just don’t know how much water we’re using every year.  If it just seems like a bit extra here and there, it’s no big deal.  However, it adds up.

To see just how much water we use every day, the Every Drop Counts Water Meter was invented by Ulrik Svenningsen.  The meter attaches to your water pipes and simply measures all of the water that you use.  In addition to this, it will also measure any dripping or leaking, which can be very helpful if you suspect you have a leak but aren’t certain.

The attachment does not interfere with your water usage or water flow in any way at all, and unlike some energy or resource monitors, it is quite inexpensive to install.  The Every Drop Counts Water Meter also comes with a detachable display that will show you all the water you are using, including where in the home you are using it and how hot or cold you have your water.  The goal with this meter is to help every household in Europe cut down on using water by around twenty percent in the next couple of years.  This may be possible simply by detecting when pipes have started leaking.  Fixing these leaks can save a huge amount of water by itself.