The First Rule Of Fight Club Soap: Always Take A Bath Because You Stink


Human fat in a bar.  If you saw Fight Club, you know exactly what that is – luxury soap that Tyler Durden manufactures from human fat stolen out of liposuction dumps.  If you ever fancied organizing your own little club of grown men beating each other senseless for shits and giggles, we recommend cleaning the blood off your faces with the Fight Club Soap, which looks exactly like the prop they used on the iconic movie poster.

The bubbling body cleanser is created by Dirty Ass Soaps, who sell their vegan-friendly fare over at Etsy.  You heard the vegan part right – there’s no human fat siphoned out of rich fat people from the local plastic surgery clinic here.  As such,  you need not worry about the gross idea of slathering some 400-lb woman’s abdominal excess (and possibly thighs and ass, too – ugh) all over your body.

It’s made from custom mold which the Dirty Ass Soaps owner meticulously hand-carved himself.  There  are no details on actual ingredients, but it’s 100% vegan and spiked with a hint of peppermint essential oil for a fragrant scent.  Size looks about average for a bar of soap, though it weighs a hefty 4.5 ounces.

If you like movie-themed stuff, the Fight Club Soap is probably the only soap I can remember that played any significant part in a movie.  Unless you like watching porn, that is, where soap and other sudsy materials are always employed for purposes that are crucial (no, critical) to bathroom scenes.  It costs $8 a bar.

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