The Future Of Home Security – Emergency Zombie Defense Station


Sure, it’s a craft project and won’t really work in the event of a zombie attack.  Regardless, the Emergency Zombie Defense Station is an excellent prototype for what should be sitting right next to your Fire Emergency Kit.  After all, with so many movies pointing towards an imminent infestation of the undead, I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time until it becomes a reality.

Intended to be mounted up an easily accessible wall, the one-stop self-defense kit fits in all the bare basics that you need  to arm yourself against a small throng of zombie attackers.  Like any emergency set, it’s intended as a short-term survival implement, rather than an offensive arsenal.   That’s right – your best option is still running like Forrest Gump on a football field.


The Emergency Zombie Defense Station consists of a wooden box with a clear glass cover, housing a sawed-off shotgun, several shells and a butcher knife.  Rather than breaking the glass during an emergency, you’re supposed to pull it off, since you can strap it on your forearm to use as a riot shield.  Of course, the gun and ammo are all fake for this particular version, but you can always throw in a real set of weapons if you want to take the threat seriously.


Apart from the loaded shotgun, you get ten extra shells on the box, good enough to take out close to a dozen brain eaters if you go for headshots.  The knife is a bit too small, though, and might only be good for slicing  off the fingers of zombies who are able to grab a hold of you (seriously, you’re not going to stab them to death).

Someone should really make this and sell it as a personal home security kit.  Even without a zombie attack, I’d like to have this next to my bed, in the event of burglaries and other threats.  Check out the thread over at Craftster for the details of the project.

[Craftster via OhGizmo]