The Great JJ Supersizes The Architect Lamp


The architect lamp is iconic.  The Great JJ Lamp, which borrows the design of Jac Jacobsen’s enduring classic and supersizes it, is gigantic.  Measuring 14 feet tall, you’ll need an equally humongous desk to actually fit it in.

Designed by Centro Stile, the blown-up lighting furniture should work best as either a floor or an outdoor lamp.  Forget lighting up a drafting table – this thing can illuminate an entire street corner.  Intended for show, rather than actual utility, it’s definitely one way to render your front yard unique.

Just in case you’re curious, the L-1 architect lamp was originally designed back in 1937 and remains a nostalgic favorite in some drafting tables to this day.    This over-scaled version copies that exact same classic, merely changing it up by stretching the dimensions, which makes it perfect if you’re planning to draw the life-size blueprints for a house (why you’d do that, we don’t know).

The Great JJ Lamp features a highly adjustable armature (hold it way up or way down), a rotating diffuser (up to 105 degrees) and an all-aluminum construction.  We’re not sure how you’re supposed to move all those rotating components unless you’re Yao Ming standing on a stool, but I digress.  It has a GX24q-6 socket and comes with a 70 watt fluorescent bulb.

What better decorative lighting for an architect’s office can there be?  I doubt there’s any.  No pricing details, but it’s available in either matte black, matte white or matte light gray, with the inside of the diffuser clad in either white lacquer or aluminum gray.

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