The Incredible Edible…Flower?

hibiscus-1Okay, we’ve all heard the expression wake up and smell the roses – but only a portion of us have heard the rarer expression ‘drink up and eat the Hibiscus’  And as you all wonder where such a phrase could have come from, I’ll introduce you to Wild Hibiscus Flowers.  And yes, they are edible.

These beautiful flowers are designed to give you that edge at parties, dinner events, fundraisers and anything else that might cause a bottle of bubbly to be opened.  Simply, put one of these Hibiscus Flowers in a flute or tumbler and pour in some champagne, sparkling water or even cider.  Anything with carbonation allows the flower to bloom right before your eyes, and the flower adds a delicious syrup to your champagne or other beverage, giving it a distinct raspberry and rhubarb flavor.

hibiscus-2Your next party will surely be a hit as your garden of Hibiscus’ come to life when you break out the Champagne, and as your guests taste their new flavorful champagne and find with delight that they can actually nibble on the flower afterwards, you’ll be exalted as the High Grand Poobah of Parties forever more.  Thirteen blooms come in a jar and come in sweet, pink syrup.