The i.Saw – A USB Chainsaw


Just when I thought I’d seen (or that ‘i.Saw’) it all, it seems I was wrong! The crazy world of USB powered everything continued to grow. The latest innovation is a chainsaw that runs off your USB hub! Because of course you never know when you will need a chainsaw while you’re typing away on your laptop, right? But this thing is USB 2.0 compatible, meaning you just attach the USB cable, plug it into your computer and you can go all mass horror movie villain right in front of your computer.

Don’t panic too much though, as at 15 inches in complete length and with a chain of just three eighths of an inch, it’s hardly likely to find itself a starring role in any upcoming horror movies. This saw, however, is advertised as being fully functional and it’s clearly stated that, while most chainsaws use materials that would be far too heavy for office use, this one uses lighter materials enabling you to saw away in the office. I have a question. What would you need to saw in the office? It should be noted that using such a weapon on your co-workers would be illegal.

The I.Saw isn’t quite ready for commercial sale yet but pre-orders are being taken with an estimated shipping date of $59.95. Though they are to be shipped from the USA, the company will ship worldwide so you can all have one! The manufacturers of this mentioned that stocks will be limited on the first run, but they don’t mention exactly how limited. It might be worth getting your order in early though if you are desperate for your very own i.Saw. One thing is undeniable. It would certainly be a talking point in the office.

If you want to get your hands on one of these, check out the website. LINK