The James Brand Timex Ironman Dresses Up The Classic Sports Watch In Bright Colors

The Timex Ironman is arguably the most iconic digital sports watch in history (sorry, G-Shock), having become a favorite among athletes since its debut in 1986. Of course, it’s a tad too outdated in today’s era of GPS sports watches, but it remains a functional sports watch for those who just want more basic stopwatch and timer features.  Plus, you can still dress it up real nice like they did with The James Brand Timex Ironman.

That’s right, The James Brand has decided to add a classic sports watch to their sleek roster of EDC gear. No, it doesn’t quite bear the same minimalist aesthetic as the rest of the outfit’s releases (the Ironman isn’t exactly low-key), instead embracing a colorful and expressive look that wouldn’t be out of place during the Ironman’s heyday before the turn of the century.

The TJB Timex Ironman recreates the 90s version of the digital timepiece, so this thing’s got that Indiglo technology that evenly illuminates the dial using an electroluminescent panel. That means, you get a bright display that keeps things looking clear in low-light, direct sunlight, and everything in between, with the same familiar time, day, and date layout as the original watch, complete with digital timer, memory stop watch, alarm, and various other functions all accessible from the watch’s multiple buttons.

The display is housed in a hexagonal case measuring 39mm that’s clad in black resin with a neon yellow bezel that’s screwed down on four corners. Large red buttons on four sides give you access to the functions labeled across each on the bezel, with a large black button below the screen serving as the main control for the watch. We’ll be honest, we’ve seen plenty of Ironman models in our time and this just might be one of the nicest-looking ones we’ve seen. Heck, it might be the nicest one ever.

The TJB Timex Ironman pairs that colorful front appearance with machined stainless steel in the back, as well as 22 mm lugs that secure a turquoise green fabric strap made using recycled ocean-bound plastic, so there’s some sustainability involved here, too. Like the classic versions of the watch, it comes with 100 meters of water resistance, so you can dive in the water without taking the watch off and even time your laps using the built-in chronograph.

That’s right, it’s a Timex Ironman with a black case, neon yellow bezel, bright red pushers, and a turquoise green strap that look straight out of one of those extra-colorful 1980s music videos. Is it too much color for a modern man to wear? Maybe. However, it doesn’t look all that bad on the model in those lifestyle photos that The James Brand is showing off on their product page for the watch. If you like your casual looks with a tad more color than usual, maybe accessorizing with this timepiece is just right up your alley.

The James Brand Timex Ironman is available directly from the EDC gear outfit. Price is $99.

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