The Keyboard That Appears From Nowhere



One of the things that we’re all looking forward to, is the advent of the projectible computer.  Come on, you remember the cool computers from sci-fi that project the screen and keypad in 3-D, right into empty space.  Well, we may not get the full version for a few more years, but for now you can pull out this futuristic keyboard, and make everything think you’re a time traveler from 2020.

The Blue tooth Laser Virtual Keyboard is almost exactly what we pictured – a keyboard that projects itself onto any flat surface with red laser beams.  The full keyboard is projected onto any flat surface, and you can use it as such, complete with keyclicks and control, alt and numbered keys.

The Blue tooth Laser Virtual Keyboard is projected from a tiny device the size of a box of matches,  has 120 hours of continuous typing time and can even be seen in low light.  The device is compatible with any blue tooth enabled PDA, Smart Phone or Laptop Computer and is guaranteed to turn heads at the coffee shop.  You can type at nearly the same speeds you would be able to on a regular keyboard, without having to carry around a giant bulky keyboard in your backpack or use the tiny cramped keys on your laptop or PDA.

We at coolthings think this gadget deserves the Federation Technology stamp of approval.  Now, if we could just talk to our computers we’d almost feel like we’re living on the deck of a starship. Computer…Computer…Hellooo computer!