The Keyboard That Will Make Cyborgaphobes Cringe!

cyborg_robotic_gaming_keyboardOkay, Cyborgaphobia is a disease we just made up, but in the future you might just find a few, and if you do they will cower in fear of your Cyborg Robotic Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is absolutely incredible featuring selectable backlit key colors and special gaming keys that are metal-plated. It has twelve programmable gaming buttons, and allows you to disable the windows keys if you’d like – which as we all know were invented to keep us from enjoying our full screen games.

The keyboard features multi color backlighting, with Tru Vu illumination, in your choice of red through amber through green. You can even adjust the brightness. It’s completely up to you which keys are lit up, that way you always know which is the key to use your sword, and which is the one that drops your shield to the ground, and your character just might live a bit longer.

The keyboard angles can be adjusted, and it comes with a wrist rest, and it features gold plated USB connectors, and Pass Through USB, Microphone and Audio sockets. You’ll need Windows XP or Vista to use the keyboard.

Cyborg Robotic Gaming Keyboard is  Available Now for $84.99