The Land Sailor For Waterless Sailing In Suburbia!

land-sailor-1We all know that power of the wind can bend tall trees, blow the shingles off of the roof and scatter debris that had been sitting quietly in the trash can all over your yard, but did you know that it could also get you to the grocery store or market?

Yes indeed The Land Sailor is just that device – a cool looking, go-cart like vehicle with a wind sail that could take you exploring any day the wind picks up a bit.  This air automobile can get up to 25 mph if the wind is right, and is made for the amateur sailor – that is, one that has never tried it – to sail across flat surfaces with no effort at all.

The sail is made of Dacron, same as boat sails, and it’s 35 and ½ feet for maximum wind pickup.  It’s reinforced with fiberglass battens – two of them – that keep it taut for your sailing pleasure.  You sit in a comfortable molded plastic seat and steer with your feet, using the one wheel on the front.  Perfect for boardwalks, beaches or wide open spaces where you want to feel the wind through your air and not the smell of gasoline in your nose.

land-sailor-2It’s convenient to cart around too, breaking down and fitting into four bags that you can toss in your trunk rather than having to haul it on a trailer.  You can stop with the hand brake, and it’s surprisingly easy to stop quickly without tipping the craft over.  The Land Sailor will support a rider of up to 225 pounds.