The Luminex Fiber Optic Bed Cover


Looking for ways of sprucing up your bedroom?  Or maybe you want to make your bed look like it just came out of the newest science fiction movie?  Either way, the Luminex Fiber Optic Bed Cover is one very unique addition to the bedroom.  It doesn’t just keep you warm on those cold winter nights—it actually lights up and turns your bed into a glimmering, shimmering love nest!

But while some blankets may use glow in the dark ink or other low-tech ways of making a light show, the Luminex Fiber Optic Cover actually features fiber optics sewn right into the blanket itself.  Of course, this means you’re going to have to plug the blanket in to enjoy this light show.  Sadly, while the blanket looks incredibly warm, don’t expect any extra heat: the fiber optic lights look awesome, but they don’t actually produce heat.  This isn’t an electric blanket.

You might wonder if the Luminex blanket is washable, and the answer is yes, but you’ll have to hand wash it and use natural soap.  That’s a bit of a pain, but it may certainly be worth it for the unique look of this blanket.  Finally, there’s the issue of cost.  A 160 x 200 cm Luminex blanket costs about 445 pounds ($660 USD).  That’s a bit pricy.  Until these types of blankets become cheaper, you probably won’t want to pick one up yourself.  Well, not unless you have plenty of extra money and need one huge nightlight!