The Man Wall: A Testerone-Fueled Entertainment Center

Want to put your stamp on an area of the house?  Nothing says "this corner is mine" than the Man Wall, an eight-foot cabinet filled with everything a man can ask for (except for, maybe, a night with Megan Fox).

In a fit of testosterone rage, Florida company HybridSpace Furniture decided to fashion a living room fixture that offers every creature comfort a male species this side of Homer Simpson craves.  Dubbed "the Taj Mahal of Man Room accessories," it's the sort of thing every guy dreams of having before moving into his own place yet spends the rest of his life missing.

Measuring 8 x 8 x 2 feet, the Man Wall fits a cornucopia of electronic components, highlighted by a 7-foot sports ticker up top.  Yes, you can have "YOU ARE AWESOME" blinking at you in digital LED signage all day.

Want to watch all the games on TV?  Your "wall" comes with a total of three Vizio LCD HDTVs, including one 52-inch panel right at the center, surrounded by two 26-inch screens. If there's not enough sports going on, you can use the rest of the multimedia package, consisting of a 5-disc changer DVD player, an iPod docking station, a 1200-watt 5.1 channel Panasonic HTIB and a pair of wireless surround sound speakers.  Don't worry about cables - the whole thing is preinstalled and everything is neatly assembled.

No Man Wall, of course, is complete without indulging in the age-old solitary pleasures of food, alcohol and smokes.  As such, it fits a microwave oven, a 32-bottle wine rack, a refrigerated beer keg with tap and two cigar humidors.

How much is the price of this beautiful monstrosity?  According to HybridSpace, it starts at $14,900 for the basic configuration (above), with enough room for more customizations if you want it.  Options include a fireplace, more TVs (but, of course) and whatever else you can imagine fitting in.

[Hybrid Space via Born Rich]