Turn Your Pen Into An iPhone Accessory: The More/Real Stylus Cap

Still using a sausage as a stylus for your iPhone?  We won’t debate the merits of using perishable food as a gadget accessory, but you might want to replace that processed meat with the More/Real Stylus Cap, a would-be product currently seeking sponsors on Kickstarter.

Instead of adding another pen-sized item into your stash, the touchscreen accessory is actually a custom pen cap that you can slip over whatever pen you already carry around.  That way, it can work as a cap for your Sharpie, all while giving you a touchscreen stylus that actually feels like a real writing instrument (as opposed to a chubby slab of ground meat and preservatives).

The More/Real Stylus Cap is a pen cap  with a stylus tip.  The body is made from stainless steel (to give it a hefty, durable feel), with the tip fashioned out of smooth-finish conducive rubber.  It comes in three sizes, each one sized to fit Bic ballpoints, Pilot Flatliners and Sharpie markers, respectively.

Design is clean and straightforward, with nothing more than the name printed in black letters on the body.  According to the product page on Kickstarter, the tip prototypes are really small and precise, all while managing to facilitate a responsive and natural feel.

Like we said, the More/Real Stylus Cap is currently a prototype product waiting for sponsors.  From the looks of it, the $15,000 target has already been reached with over $20,000 now pledged, so expect to see this hit production soon.