How To Electrocute Yourself To A Relaxing State


Relaxing ain’t easy.  In fact, there are entire courses, lectures and educational products designed to help people do just that.  If you’ve tried everything from reciting Buddhist mantras to NLP with nothing to show for it, you might want to give Harcos Laboratories’ Most Painful Toy Hack Ever a try.

What does it do?  Basically, it’s an electroshock system coupled with an EEG.  First, it reads your brainwave activity.  If the frequency indicates that you’re calm and idle, then it lets you be.  When you’re not, it electrocutes you.  Simple.

The hacked machine, in this case, is Mattel’s popular Mindflex toy, which uses your brainwave frequency to help navigate a ball (the more you concentrate, the more accurate the ball gets).  Harcos opened up the game and hooked it up, so that they’d activate QKit’s electric shock kit instead whenever you concentrate.  The harder your concentration, the stronger the zap and the louder the laughter of everyone who’s watching.  Other parts used for the build include several transistors, resistors, a couple of batteries, one diode and one LED.


Sure, it sounds a bit of an overkill for someone who just wants to learn how to quiet their mind.  Considering how much of a challenge keeping that noggin still has been for generations of people, though, the idea definitely isn’t that far out.  Maybe it’s exactly what you need to reduce stress in your life.  Who knows?

Want to build your own Most Painful Toy Hack Ever?  Head on over to the Harcos Laboratories site where they have the full how-to.  Warning: they say the hack isn’t that easy.

Don’t forget to watch the awesome video below.

[Harcos Labs via Gadget Lab]