The Motz Is An FM Radio You Feel Like Swallowing Whole (But Please Don’t)


Sure, nobody buys FM radios anymore.  If it’s as small as a bite-sized piece of chocolate, though, I might be persuaded.  The Motz is exactly that – a functional FM radio box and a miniature MP3 speaker.

Looking no bigger than a generous sugar cube, the device should be perfect if you’ve ever dreamed of surgically implanting a radio anywhere on your body.  Just make sure to have provisions for a hole on your skin, so you can pull out the antenna while searching for a good signal.


Built in Korea, the Motz measures a minuscule 37 x 26 x 19 mm, with its wooden body weighing all of 17g.  It features an On-Off sliding switch around the back, a channel-changing button in front, a small green LED (which lights up when it’s turned on) and a 3.5mm audio jack.  It comes with a USB to mini-jack cable that you can use to charge the internal battery.


It’s a little tough to wrap your head around on why you need the Motz.  Unless you love painfully cute stuff, that is, because it packs that in spades.  Or if you want to test whether you can pick up the FM band inside your body.  Just put it in your mouth, wash it down with water and it should slide right in.  It costs just under $35, making it a cheap experiment (the medical bills might prove pricier, though).

[Early Adopter via Dvice]