The (Not So) Super-Secret Spy Lens


Ever watched a photo essay and felt envy at all the gorgeous candid shots those photographers have been able to get?  Wanting to capture the same picture-perfect moments, you stroll down the streets armed with your trusty dSLR and begin aiming at your subjects, only to have them shoot off snide looks your way.

The Super-Secret Spy Lens aims to solve that problem.  It features a long lens attachment with a cut-out on the side, allowing you to take natural and unposed shots surreptitiously.  While retailer Photojojo claims it is a “secret cut-out,” one look at that hole’s size tells you it’s no hidden aperture.  Few would suspect you’re taking photos from a perpendicular angle, though, so your covert activities should be safe without much scrutiny.


A precision mirror assembly allows you to capture scenes as if you were taking them straight up.  Since the accessory can spin a full 360 degrees, you can actually record shots from varying angles while facing in a totally different direction.

The Super-Secret Spy Lens can work with all SLR cameras and with some non-SLR devices using a lens adapter.  It currently retails at anywhere between $55 to $85, depending on the kind of adapters that your camera requires.  As with all cool covert tech, kindly use this gadget for good, not for naughty voyeuristic activities!

Photo Credit: Photojojo