The Pack-Away Bucket Folds Flat

Remember the Pack-Away Kettle?  Yep, that was one bundle of awesome — easily, the most space-saving way to sneak a functional kettle into your gear bag for an outdoor trip. And you know what else you may need outdoors?  A bucket for fetching water to heat in your kettle.  That’s what this Pack-Away Bucket is for.

Sold by Wacky Practicals, the bucket can fold almost flat when not in use, allowing you to store it in tight spaces with no problem.  You can cram it in a backpack, slip under the car seat or even hang on a lanyard pretending you’re Flava Flav.  Okay, the last one was a horrible idea, but you get what I’m saying…

During use, the Pack-Away Bucket looks and functions just like any regular pail.  Made from silicone with a stainless steel handle, the actual container portion measures 29 x 18 x 22 cm (diameter top, diameter bottom and height), allowing it to carry up to 7 liters of water.  Despite the collapsible design, Wacky Practicals claim it’s durable enough for most daily tasks — just don’t run it over with a tractor then expect it to survive unscathed or something similar.

To go from packed to full size, all you need to do is push down on the bottom of the bucket while pulling at the handle.  You can also punch it if you’re in an aggro mood this morning.  Oh yeah, it can also be used as a basin or even a dog bowl when folded down, so it’s quite the versatile household item.

The Pack-Away Bucket is available now, priced at £19.95.

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