Forget Waffles, The Lolly Feeds You Wafflesicles

Making a “wafflesicle” ain’t that hard.  You take a waffle cone, punch a stick on it and you’re done.  Despite that, there is something special when you can make wafflesicles with the stick already lodged as soon as you take it out of the iron.  And that’s exactly what the Lolly Waffle Maker does.

Created by Triangular Concept, the kitchen appliance includes provisions for the sticks, such that the waffle will cook already wrapped around it.  No need to grab the cakes with one hand while thrusting a stick into it with the other, saving you from having to use your dirty hands to get that delicious pancake skewered on a rod.

The Lolly Waffle Maker can produce four “waffles on a stick” every two minutes, totalling to a crapload of treats you can eat like a lollipop with just an hour and a bucket of batter at your disposal.  Each waffle measures 9.5 inches without the stick, so these things are long and can probably make for fun makeshift swords, in case you enjoy yourself too much and cook half a dozen too many.

It’s a fact: food is always more fun on a stick.  Can you really imagine kebabs, cotton candy and chocolate-covered bananas without one of those long sticks to grab them with?  Heck, I’d probably poke one into a KFC Double Down just so eating the damn thing gets more fun.

Released in Europe, the Lolly Waffle Maker is available for €715.

[Triangular Concept]